Check out information on places to see & fun things to do in Africa.

Facts About Togo

Today, Togo is governed under the constitution of 1992. Read on to know some interesting and fun facts about Togo.

Facts About Democratic Republic of Congo

Did you know that the Democratic Republic of Congo was previously known as Zaire? Plough through this article to know more on Congo.

Facts About Sao Tome & Principe

Read on to learn few facts about Sao Tome and Principe, the islands that lie on dormant volcanoes and dense forests and rough landscapes.

Facts About Sierra Leone

Read on for some interesting and fun facts about Sierra Leone, a country known as much for the richness of its culture as also for its mineral resources.

Facts About Somalia

Here are some interesting and fun facts about Somalia.

Facts About Mali

If you wanted to know more about the interesting little facts about the African nation of Mali, then this article will let you do just that.

Facts About Gambia

Are you planning on a trip to The Gambia? If you are, then you will need some basic information about the country which this article will provide.

Facts About Mozambique

Did you know that the Vumba rock paintings in Mozambique are believed to be eight thousand years old? Explore this article for interesting and fun facts about Mozambique.

Facts About Libya

Libya is not only rich in oil reserves but history too! Read this article and find out exactly what!

Facts About Niger

Did you know Niger is one of the hottest countries in the world? To know more interesting and fun facts about Niger, read on.

Facts About Guinea-Bissau

Did you know that only 14% of the people in Guinea-Bissau speak its official language, Portuguese? Plough through this article for interesting and fun facts about Guinea-Bissau.

Facts About Namibia

Namibia is one of those countries to have gracefully survived the intense rollercoaster rides brought forth by life. Raid this article for more facts.

Facts About The Republic Of Guinea

If you have always wanted to know more about the former French colony, the Republic Of Guinea, then all you need to do is to read on.

Facts About Lesotho

A South African Enclave, Lesotho is just one of those countries that make geography a more interesting subject. Brief through this article and find out why.

Facts About Benin

Do you know that Benin in the 17th century was known as the Slave Coast? Plunge into this article for more such interesting facts about Bevin.

Facts About Algeria

Check out some interesting and fun facts about Algeria.

Facts About Tanzania

There is more to Tanzania than just its idyllic beaches, exotic wildlife and ancient ruins. Read on to know some interesting and fun facts about the African paradise called Tanzania.

Facts About Burundi

Did you know that Burundi was once home to one of the biggest crocodiles in the world? Navigate your way through this article to know more on Burundi.

Facts About Comoros

Did you know that Comoros has not one, but three official languages? Browse through this article to know more on the archipelago nation of Comoros or the Union of Comoros.

Facts About Ivory Coast

Did you know that French is the official language of Ivory Coast? Here’s presenting interesting and fun facts about the French-speaking African country of Ivory Coast/ The Republic of Cote d'Ivoire.

Facts About Mauritania

Ever wondered what is there to know about the country Mauritania? This article will help you get acquainted with Mauritania.

Facts About Ethiopia

Did you know that Ethiopia, except for once, has never been conquered? Here’s an article that promises to showcase more fun and interesting facts about Ethiopia.

Facts about Rwanda

Rwanda consists mostly of grassy uplands and gently rolling hills. Read on to know some interesting and fun facts about Rwanda.

Facts About Gabon

Do you want to know more about Gabon? This article will outline some of the more remarkable facts that surround the country of Gabon in west central Africa.

List of Countries In Africa

Do you want to explore the alphabetical list of African countries? If yes, then go through this article and get the listing of the countries in Africa, in alphabetical order.

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