Read this article about travel etiquette that will help you leave a good impression about yourself and your home country, while you are traveling.

Travel Etiquette

Think about it - there are some guests towards whom you just love to play the role of the host. And then there are those, when they arrive, you shut the drapes, switch off the lights, and hide yourself in the darkest corner of your home; corner where you always have been afraid to go even in broad daylight. These guests don’t let go off your doorbell until the springs from the switch come out. And even then, they turn their attention to knocking continuously until a bone in their knuckle snaps. Hiding in the corner, you imagine the extreme behavior they must have adopted while traveling to your home; the whole family tightly packed in the car, laughing like out-of-control hyenas, driving like sociopaths who are just hell bent on creating havoc on whoever comes in their way of stealing a day or two from your life. Even with these images in mind, for some reason you let them in and they take over your home like extra terrestrials invading earth. Sitting close to you on your own couch, messing up your home with food and beverages spread everywhere, taking over your belongings, and clogging up the drains of your bathroom, are just a few of the many things that they indulge in. When they leave you just don’t know whether to take a sigh of relief or a gasp filled with frustration and stress. Such were their etiquettes that you had been rendered helpless and exasperated. Same is the situation, only prolonged, when somebody deficient of basic traveling etiquettes embarks on a journey to please his senses. Right from taking a cab to the airport to being back at home again, such people leave everyone they encounter holding their heads in annoyance and disgust. If there’s a vacation in your mind and you don’t want to portray yourself as such guests to everybody else, continue reading to know some basic travel etiquette tips.
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Travel Etiquette Tips
  • Managing travel is a strenuous activity for both staff and passengers. Don’t come rushing through, thwarting other passengers off the queues. There’s a good chance that doing so will get the security personnel quite interested in you. Be on time so that you don’t have to rush on like a mad buffalo.
  • Don’t stuff your suitcases and traveling bags with unnecessary junk that you won’t need. And don’t pack things that you know are prohibited, thinking that you may be able to convince them otherwise.
  • Keep your luggage close to you. Don’t go off wandering elsewhere and come back to your luggage being surrounded by bomb squad and barked upon by police dogs. Also, don’t scatter them all over the place; lest someone trips over them.
  • Carry all the required documents with you like your passport, visa if traveling abroad, your identity proofs, boarding passes and of course - tickets. Don’t stand there scratching your head and making lame excuses like you have them but forgot them on your nightstand and so on.
  • When traveling, have the common courtesy to converse with fellow passengers and staff in a polite way. Don’t be loud and demanding and have a decency to avoid walking into their personal space, trying to satisfy your inquisitiveness with questions flying at them like bullets.
  • Unless it’s someone you’re close to, don’t rest your head on your co-passenger’s shoulders expecting him/her to sing lullabies to you while you fall asleep. Try to keep yourself affixed to your own seat. Don’t put your leg out; lest you end up tripping someone.
  • Try to maintain proper hygiene during the journey. Don’t clog the washroom. Make proper use of that Use-Me can. Don’t litter.
  • Staying clean and hygienic is crucial while traveling but that does not mean you almost choke your neighbor with excess of deodorant or cologne.
  • While visiting tourist spots, try to pay attention to what the tour guide is saying. Don’t behave like the lost sheep. Absolutely, at any cost, refrain yourself from making snarky comments about the touring country’s history or people. Equip yourself with the local eating etiquettes before moving into a restaurant.
These travel etiquettes are more than just dos and don’ts; it’s the way by which people not only perceive about your upbringing and mannerisms, but also about the country you belong to.

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