Planning for a luxurious vacation but running out of your estimated budget? Do not fear. Find ideas for a cheap vacation by navigating through this article.

Cheap Vacation Ideas

Who doesn’t want to go on a vacation and get a break from the usual hustle and bustle of the city life? But when you are money tight, opting for an exclusive and deluxe vacation turns out to be a little dicey. After all, a vacation is not just about chilling out on exotic beaches and drinking fruity cocktails. Thus, it then becomes necessary to cut short your budget and look out for a cheap vacation idea. But finding a cheap budget vacation proves to be a little difficult and less exciting. Nonetheless, with a little research and creativity, you can come up with a budget vacation and get the maximum out of your hard-earned money. Instead of those lavish 4 or 5 start hotels you can settle down with a 3-star hotel. No matter what vacation option you choose, do not forget to make the most of free festivals, the music, food, and theatrical fairs organized near your stay. Go through the lines below and find a budget vacation that fits into your kitty. Go grab your sense of adventure and buzzing aliveness!
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Top Cheap Vacation Ideas
Go Camping
One of the best options for a budget vacation is to go camping. Drive down to an unknown place and camp there for free. Put up a large tent, lie and stray around on the banks of the lake or look around for a hiking spot. You can also book a hiking lodge if you can afford to spend a few bucks. Carry your sleeping bags, put up a barbeque cooking some succulent dinner, and indulge yourself into loads of fun activities.
Visit The Beach
Some beach areas and authorities allow you to camp on their premises or stay in budget priced lodging. They usually offer you a kitchenette, allowing you to prepare your own meals, thereby saving on junk and costly hotel expenses.
Multi-Family Vacation
If you have friends or family members who too are planning for a budget vacation around the same time as you, why not plan a clubbed budget holiday? This will automatically cut down your entire vacation expenses. You can share the costs of lodging, food, and even activity expenses. Look out for a time-share rental or cabin that accommodates several people.
Exchange Homes
Home swapping is a common activity in different parts of the world. This means, you would be living in someone else’s home while they would be living in yours. For a change, you would be living in an entirely different place with a different kitchen, different yard for kids, different laundry facilities. All these services are offered to you at no extra cost.
Take A Cruise
Most cruise lines offer attractive deals to first time travelers. This could just be one of those budget vacations that you and your family are looking out for. Further, shorter cruise lengths will be less expensive than compared to those lasting for more than a week. Go, grab one of them!
Cycling and Backpacking
Are you one of the adventure or nature lovers? Then, why not opt for some exercising activities during your vacation break? Hop onto your bicycle and ride all the way to your destination carrying all your belongings in your backpack. Stop at one of the national parks that offer tourists to ride and camp at low budgets. If you love fishing, choose to camp near a lake or river for your meals. Exciting and enjoying, isn’t it?

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