No matter how tight you are on your budget, you have several ideas to make your honeymoon exciting and romantic. Go through this article for some cheap honeymoon ideas.

Cheap Honeymoon Ideas

So, you are planning to get married. The one question that will pop from most of your well-wishers is - where are you planning to head for your honeymoon? While the honeymoon is a special and thrilling time for a newly wed couple to be together and create a bond, couples running on limited budgets often end up canceling or postponing their trip. Nonetheless, you, too, can plan a honeymoon that is romantic, luxurious, fabulous, meaningful, and, most of all, inexpensive. Staying in an over-the-water bungalow in Bora Bora Island will no longer be a dream for you. The price tag will surely match yours, only if you opt for traveling during the off season. As such, there are several more ideas, tips, and tricks that can help you enjoy a romantic and quixotic honeymoon, without blowing off your fortune. Take a look and map a perfect, affordable honeymoon! Happy honeymooning!
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Inexpensive Honeymoon Ideas
Jet Somewhere Close
If you have never discovered how beautiful exploring your habitat is, then honeymoon is the ideal time to do so, especially when you have your spouse by your side. Find a secluded resort or hotel at a few hours drive from your wedding place. This would directly chalk out half of your honeymoon cost since airline tickets are too expensive. Also, you will have sufficient choices to pick up a 4 or 5 star resort. But, if your spouse is insisting for a tropical holiday, pick up a destination that is 4-6 hours flight rather than 10+ hours. Compare the islands and choose wisely.
Choose Off-Seasons
If you have your eyes set on a particular destination and wish to spend your honeymoon, then wait till they have their off-season. Most hotels offer exceptionally lower prices during the off-season. This generally happens, when the weather is not at its best, probably when it’s hotter than normal or when the place experiences rains. Nevertheless, you have a good chance to sunbathe with your partner or splash water in the midst of the rains.
Explore The Deals
Many resorts and hotels offer designation weddings, making it easier and lighter for the couples. To avail this service, check out the deals on airfares, rooms, wedding packages, and everything else that you require. Know that certain things that seem less expensive may turn out to be quite expensive at these locations. Thus, study the locality and gather all requisite information from the locals. If you are fine with relocating your honeymoon, you may just land up getting a great deal. Be open to all the options and plan accordingly.
All-Inclusive Honeymoon
Most couples end up spending lavishly and well over their budget simply because they are faced with unexpected expenses or cost of food and drinks at the hotel. This can cause unnecessary stress and tension during your entire honeymoon. To avoid such pressures and enjoy a stress-free honeymoon, choose an all-inclusive package that includes all your costs and expenditures, such as meals, water, airfares, sports, and sometimes sightseeing and excursions.
Cruise Deals
If you reside near a cruise line port, you could simply plan out a cruise honeymoon, instead of squandering copious amounts to fly off and visit a holiday destination. You have several affordable cruise packages, allowing you to have a budget honeymoon. Add spice to your romance by choosing a suite, so that you have enough space.
Bed And Breakfast Romance
Bed and breakfast is the perfect option for couples who can keep those plush honeymoon suites and lavish 5-star resorts at a distance. Find out a romantic and secluded bed and breakfast for less than half the price, with breakfast included. They usually have inviting and peaceful room interiors as against those large, monotone hotel rooms. They make romantic and intimate hideaways, allowing you to feel one amongst the locals.

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