If you are planning a budget honeymoon, then you need to take care of certain important things. Check out the budget honeymoon ideas given below.

Honeymoon On A Budget


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Just like wedding, honeymoon is also one of the most memorable events in a person's life. Every couple wants its honeymoon to be a memorable one, with partners wishing to make memories they can cherish for lifetime. However, in today's materialistic world, everything is equated with money. There are people who do not consider a honeymoon worthy, if it is not luxuriant. To the contrary, a honeymoon is more about sharing quality time together, rather than indulging in worldly pleasures. So, those of you who wish to avoid extravagance, or do not have a huge budget, should go through the ideas given below, for planning a budget honeymoon.
Planning Honeymoon on a Budget
  • Try to avoid traveling during holiday season, as the prices are bound to be high during this time. At the same time, availability is also a big problem.
  • Look around for a good deal. Check out with several local travel agents to grab the best deal. Major travel agents specialize in honeymoon bookings and even offer special rates, deals or discounts.
  • Follow a compromise policy and upgrade half way. For instance, if you wish to upgrade your seats on the plane, keep it cost effective by booking seats of business class for one side of the journey.
  • Relegate the choice of your room. Though the bedroom forms an integral part of honeymoon, you can save money by avoiding the biggest suite in the hotel. A better choice would be choosing a magnificent hotel, but a standard room, rather than the most luxurious one.
  • Book in advance, as it will give you the opportunity to have options, with regard to deals on hotels, excursions and packages. This will help save some cash.
  • Book online, as travel agents tend to charge extra for the time they contribute. Consult them for information, but make bookings online.
  • Enquire about breakfast and other services, whether they are all inclusive or not. At times, for a little extra money, breakfast can be included or even an all inclusive offer might be available. This can help you save a lot of money, depending on your destination.
  • Whenever out, make sure you inform the hotel people that you are on your honeymoon. This might make you entitled to some additional services, at no extra cost.

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