Honeymoon is the most important trip of your life. Explore this article to know how to prepare for your honeymoon.

How To Prepare For Your Honeymoon

Honeymoon is not just a trip to exotic locales; it is a first step towards your journey ahead as a couple. This romantic vacation offers you an opportunity to know your partner better and everybody tries to make this vacation, the most special time of his or her life. Honeymoon is one of the most important chapters of your marital life and should be planned keeping the preferences of you and your partner in mind. As opposed to wedding, where both of yours families and friends are involved, a honeymoon is a private affair, decided by you and your partner only. Usually, couples go to places far off the city, where the beauty and serenity of nature induces the feeling of romance. The newly wed couples, lost in the sensuous world of love and passion spend a pleasant time in each other’s company away from the mundane. Honeymoon encompasses the best memories, a couple would cherish throughout their life. To make this occasion as special for you as possible, you need to prepare for your honeymoon well in advance. Explore the following pointers to know how to prepare for your honeymoon. 
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Why Honeymoon Preparations Are Important?
Honeymoon is a lifetime’s experience for every couple. It is not just about being intimate physically, but also emotionally. As a couple, it is important for both of you to know each other very well for a blissful marital life. Staying away from everyone and spending some quality time with each other is very essential for a couple. Because, once you return from this vacation, you will mostly be engaged in your professions and family life with your in-laws. You may not have a whole day to talk to partner. But, while on a honeymoon, with no one to interrupt, your partner is your priority. It is only honeymoon which offers this opportunity.
Tips For Planning Your Honeymoon
  • The first thing, which you have to think about, is about setting a budget. Book the tickets well in advance after finding the best travel package. Making the reservations in advance ensures you a hassle-free travel. You may want to make this day as special as possible, but you should keep your budget in mind.
  • Enquire about the place you want to visit. You wouldn’t want to go to a certain destination during off-season. Discuss with your partner and decide on your perfect idea for honeymoon. Make a list of favorite vacation spots of both of you and then decide on something you both like.
  • Don’t hesitate to let people know that you are on your honeymoon couple. You will surely receive a better treatment.
  • Take enough money to last for the honeymoon. It’s always better to pre-pay for foods, lodging, activities etc. However, keep your card and travel checks for any urgency.
  • Instead of spending all the time in exploring exotic locales, plan some time for just the two of you. Protect your privacy; the honeymoon is just for the two of you.
  • Go for your honeymoon in all mushy moods. Walk with hand in hand on the beach in moonlit night. Generally, honeymooners stay at fancy hotels. Don’t forget to take all the advantage the hotel provides. Take massages, spa treatments together; enjoy Jacuzzis, champagnes etc.
  • Remember to pack your sexy lingerie or silk boxers for your honeymoon. Also, pack some formal dresses for elegant dinners.
  • Pack both of your toiletry kits well in advance. You do not want to miss out on essential such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, lotion, shampoo and conditioner, etc. But, it is recommended to check if the hotel that you are about to stay provide these amenities. In case they do, you may not have to carry these items. The less you carry the better.
  • If you are going to a beach destination, carry a sunscreen lotion which is waterproof as well. An unwanted tan is the last thing you would want on your honeymoon. Moreover, to be on the safer side, carry extra sunscreen or sunblock.
  • If you are headed to a location, such as a hill station or a place with beautiful landscapes, it is best to carry mosquito repellants. A place with lot of flora is likely to be infested with mosquitoes. Avoid using floral or fruity smelling oils or creams as they attract mosquitoes. Use non-scented repellants and check with the drug store to know which ones are the best for you. Also, check if the repellent suits your skin and buy accordingly.
  • To make your honeymoon special and memorable, decorate your room with scented candles and strew flowers on the bed. Play soft and romantic music for the mood to set in. Talk on light subjects, mostly about things related to both of you and make yourself feel comfortable.
  • Lastly, go out and enjoy to the fullest. Remember honeymoon is a lifetime opportunity and make it the most special vacation of you and your partner’s life.
Honeymoon helps develop the emotional bond between couples on the basis of which their relationship shall sustain. So, enjoy as much as you can, as you discover each other’s likes and dislikes and strengths and weaknesses.

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