It is important for women travelling alone to ensure they follow certain safety tips. Browse through the article for a few helpful tips for solo women travelers.

Tips For Women Traveling Alone

Independent women in today’s world choose to travel alone for personal as well as for business purposes. It might be true that being on the road alone as a woman can be quite challenging especially if one intends to visit countries that have different cultures and traditions from their place of origin. It is true that most women would prefer to travel to a foreign country with a companion, but increasing number of women are leaning towards travelling alone for trips that include both business as well as pleasure. It would be wrong to say that it is entirely unsafe for women to travel alone as there are safety and security measures for women travelers in almost every country nowadays. With a few tips in mind, travelling solo can be quite a fun thing to do. A few helpful tips for women intending to travel alone are discussed below.
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Safety Tips For Solo Women Travelers
Familiarize Yourself With The Laws Of The Country 
Read up on the laws of the country you are travelling to, it is better to be safe and sure than sorry. Various Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia and UAE have strict rules as to what dress codes are acceptable in the society.
Visa And Passport Regulations 
Make sure your passport is updated and valid; always remember to double check your visa and other travel documents before you set out on the journey. 
What Not To Carry 
When travelling alone women should always leave behind certain things, expensive jewelry, extra credit cards and extra bank notes. Take only what is necessary and always leave behind a detailed itinerary with a close friend. It should contain all the information as to the places you would be visiting, all your passport, visa and ticket information.
If you take any sort of medications, make sure you have a prescription for it and also have the medicines in labeled bottles, as airport security in certain countries are very suspicious of unlabeled bottles and medicines. 
Asking Directions 
It is always safer to ask for directions from families or from other women in a country where one is a stranger. Always trust your instinct; it is safer to ask for directions at shops or public offices. Be confident when you walk and head to the nearest shop or hotel if you are being harassed or suspect someone is following you.
Hotel Bookings 
Always check with travel sites and other fellow travelers about which are women-friendly hotels in the region, use a “do not disturb” sign to prevent unwanted attention at your hotel room.
Travel Insurance 
Always take travel insurance for your entire trip and remember to maintain enough credit on your cell phone for emergencies.
Food And Drink 
It is always safe to not accept food or drinks from a stranger who has befriended you on the journey, not everyone has good intentions. 
Keeping Your Money Safe
Carry your money in a money belt safely strapped to your middle; fanny bags and purses are easy targets for pickpockets and thieves.
Remember that every country has its fair share of surprises, be prepared, read up on the culture and traditions of the country you will be visiting before heading out on the journey.

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