Traveling, which is intended to be fun, could turn into near nightmare if some safety measures are not adhered to. Here are some travel safety tips.

Travel Safety Tips

Traveling, either on a regular basis or with family for a long duration, can sometimes turn into an ordeal. As if constantly keeping a check on your belongings and children is not enough, there is the danger of the luggage getting stuck somewhere, especially while traveling by air. There is also the risk of having forgotten to take an important document that was needed. Added to that, it becomes all the more difficult while traveling in a train when there is a possibility of losing luggage, money or other valuables. Like they say, there are many a slips between the cup and the lips; there are also several little ordeals between the starting point and the destination, for people who do not follow a few safety rules or tips for traveling. Keeping a check on your stuff is alright, but what one needs is a thorough planning, which will save people a lot of last minute running around and mishaps. Apart from planning ahead, here are some travel safety tips that one can follow.
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Safety Tips While Traveling 
Here are some tips to keep you safe while traveling:
Addressed Not Home 
If you’re travelling by air, make sure your luggage doesn’t bear the name of your home as address. In case it gets lost, there is nothing even the staff would be able to do as and when they find it. If you’re traveling on business, write the name and address of your company. If you’re visiting family in another state, write your name and the address of the place you will be visiting.
Check Again 
Before you leave your home, make a checklist of things that you are supposed to carry with you and another one of jobs that you are supposed to do before you leave. Check all the taps at home and make sure none of them is in the on position or running. Check if you’ve got the keys of your vehicle in case you are traveling by your own vehicle, turn all the lights off, but leave one small light in a passage on, for your convenience when you return. Make sure you are carrying enough cash, the keys to your home, a mobile phone in case you get in trouble or will be late, all the luggage that you need and check all the doors and exits to the home to make sure none of them can be opened easily.
Stick Close By 
If there are children traveling with you, make sure all of you stay together. This task is difficult, and understandably so, since it is hard to contain kids’ excitement and to make them sit at a place. You must, however, try to enforce this rule since money getting lost is not as grave as your kids getting lost. Even your sanity is not as precious as their safety.
Baggage Made Safe 
A lot has already been said about the virtues and advantages of traveling light and carrying minimum baggage. But if you must carry a lot of baggage, make sure it is properly checked in and properly labeled. In case you are traveling by train, keep all the items locked under the lowermost berth and keep all hand baggage with you all the time. If you need to visit the washroom while travelling by train, give your handbag to your child or spouse; if you are traveling alone, carry it with you. If it is an overcrowded bus that you are in, make sure you have more than one section in your bag and that all your valuables like money, credit or debit cards and mobile phones are kept in that portion of the bag which is close to your body.
You Better Watch Out 
Keep a watch out for your fellow passengers throughout the journey. This may sound like a no brainer, but it is one of the most practical things that can be said. Many a times, you will clearly be able to guess whether the person next to you, who may seem too friendly, is upto something or not. If you are vigilant, you will be able to avoid a lot of personal damage.

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