Did you know that the volcanic island of Grenada is also home to a mesmerizing natural landscape? Explore the tourist attraction places and things that you can do in Grenada in this article.

Things To Do In Grenada

Location: Northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, Northeast of Venezuela
Language: English, Patois
Best Time to Visit: November
Time Zone: (UTC−4)
Driving Side: Left
Main Attractions: Grenada Seafaris, Levera national park, Carriacou sandy island, Concord Falls, Sendall Tunnel, Diving, Caribbean Rum, Fun Runs, Spice tours, Carnival, Sailing Festival.
Grenada is a sovereign island state consisting of the island of Grenada and 6 other small islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the Southeastern Caribbean Sea. It is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago and to the northeast of Venezuela, covering an area of 344 km2 with the population of 110,000. St. George’s is the capital of Grenada and also the loveliest city in the whole of Caribbean. Grenada is also popularly known as the ‘spice island’, as it covered with fragrant spice trees and rare tropical flowers. It is a mountainous island, surrounded by arresting beaches and a necklace of picturesque towns. The island is a major source of nutmegs, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and cocoa. The volcanic island bosoms together a strand of rivers, waterfalls, lush rainforests and one of the most breathtaking and unimaginably beautiful mountain lakes. The physical beauty of Grenada is complemented by the historic and vibrant living culture of the island. The local festivals, fairs and markets and the century old spice plantation opens up the door to a world behind the flourishing and colorful tourism. This article provides you with detail information on the tourist attractions in Grenada and the places must visit in Grenada.
Tourist Attractions In Grenada 
Take A Dip Into History!
Take a 2 hour historical safari through the sea in St. George’s, around the island’s west coast. A must-be part of the itinerary, the ride would give you an insight into the historical significance of Grenada and into the geographical and ecological sphere of the island. The tour includes visit to landmarks like Dragon Bay and Black Bay. It also includes activities like snorkeling at the underwater sculpture park or relaxing on Grenada’s remote beaches. The safari through the sea gives you a picturesque description of the island.
Unravel The Beach
The Bathways beach, near Levera National park popularly pronounced as ‘bat-ways’ is a 30 feet wide coral sand beach, which helps the visitors get an experience of the east cost of Grenada. Another advantage of this beach is that it gets a beautiful view of the white and red mangroves surrounding the 23-acre pond. Unwind your parched nerves at the beach side and discover a better, rejuvenated you!
Charismatic Carriacou!
If you want to experience an unforgettable and treasured memory of the trip, just head straight to the sandy island beach of Carriacou. The place forwards a perfect opportunity to enjoy sun bath on a sandy island. It is the perfect destination for people wanting to relax or dive and snorkel in the aqua water, surrounded by white crystal like sand. So, if you are heading for Grenada, nothing can be a better option than to go for a day long visit to the sandy island beach of Carriacou!
Spectacular Concord Falls
Concord falls is a group of three waterfalls, cracking down artistically from the concord valley. If you love hiking, then this is the best place for you to come in contact with nature. Au Coin and Fontainebleau are the second and the third stages of the waterfall, which are accessible only by foot and forward a paradise for people who love to be in the lap of nature. The fall is also a great swimming and diving spot. So, don’t forget to pack in your swim wear while heading for the Concord falls.
The Tunnel Experience
Another historic landmark famous in Grenada, is the 350 foot long excavated tunnel in St. George’s known as the Sendall tunnel. It was built in the 18th century and portrays one of the best engineering feats. The tunnel connects Careenage, the city's inner harbour, to the Esplanade and the Caribbean coast. Once you have explored the tunnel, do not forget to travel around the busiest street, Carenage, and centre of activity in St Georges. The Carenage runs the length of the harbor. You would also get a chance to view a monument of Christi Degli Abbissi.
Spicy Tour
Are you game for a spicy treat? if yes, then Grenada would be a haven for you. Being on the spice island, you don’t want to miss a visit to Gouyave Nutmeg Processing station, which is the largest nutmeg processing factory on the island. You can even visit the Dougaldston estate, a traditional plantation in the centre of the nutmeg and cocoa growing region. If you are lucky, you will also be offered the tour to the grounds of cultivation.
Join The Carnival
Love to be amongst the colors of different cultures and languages? You would not like to miss the August carnival in Grenada. A riot of colors and fun with street parties, theaters, steel bands and calypso competitions going on till dawn, Grenada promises to extend one of the most magnanimous experiences of a lifetime. 

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