Are you cash strapped this holiday season and thinking of going on a road trip with the family instead of flying? Here are a few tips to make trip fun for the whole family.

Family Road Trip Ideas

Ever been on a shoestring budget during vacation days? There are ways to beat the financial crisis and not spend your vacation cooped up at home. A road trip can be one of the most cheapest, and fun thing to do for this vacation season especially if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to fly down to an exotic spot. Travelling with the family, with the kids in tow can be a stressful thing to do especially if the journey is going to be more than five to six hours. However, travelling by road can be just as much fun if you prepare well in advance for the trip and head to a destination. Simply by following a few helpful tips you could make the best of the vacation—spending quality time with your family out on the road as well as keep a leash on your holiday budget.
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Road Trip Ideas For Family
Choose a destination the whole family will enjoy. Children lose interest much faster than adults, so when choosing a destination, keep your young ones in mind and make sure there are activities that will keep them occupied and interested.
Things To Carry 
Going on a long road trip with your kids can be quite stressful if you’re not prepared to deal with the short attention span of kids. Carry coloring books, toys, video games, CD’s that have audio for children, food and water to last the journey and other things you would consider a necessity for your family.
Safety Is A Huge Priority 
Make sure your family is safe and secure, use seatbelts and child safety seats for children in the back seat; they have been proven to keep kids safe if you run into some trouble on the road. If you plan on going camping remember to carry a first aid kit with the essentials.
Carry A Map 
If you are heading to a place that has been recommended by a friend or from other travel source and not sure of the route, keep a map in hand, it could also be an answer to the most common question from your kid- “are we there yet?”
Carrying Food 
When on a long trip, it is safer to carry sandwiches, fruits, bottles of water enough for the entire family. Remember to carry a garbage bag so that you don’t have to litter the countryside, it will also cut down on the stops you have to make on the journey reserving the stops to use the restroom and to stretch your legs.
Maintain Conversations 
Limit the time kids spend on video games and a TV if you have one in the car, it is the perfect opportunity to bond with your kids. Most kids enjoy listening to stories about their parents. You could talk to them about life when you were a kid or about anything that will bring the kids closer to you. This is especially true for older kids who would not talk to you otherwise. Bring up topics of their interest, current social and economic conditions could also interest some kids.
An ideal road trip will end with you and the family having a lot of fun during the journey as well as at the destination of your choice.

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