Aching for an exotic vacation but short on funds? Read on to get to know how to fly free, making use of few offers given by different air carriers. Get some helpful tips to get free airline tickets.

How To Fly For Free

Moving from one country to another may seem like an exciting and extravagant idea to many of us. However, this dream is often forced to take a back seat because of the rising air fares. There can be nothing more exciting for people who travel on business purpose or those who just love to travel, to get a free air ticket to their desired destination. Do you know that drastically discounted fares or free tickets can be yours too, only if you keep track of the few offers provided by different airlines and business organizations? There are few techniques, which when followed, can help you cut down your traveling cost. This article will provide you with tips on how to get free airline ticket, which will help you, grab all the opportunities of a free air travel!
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Tips To Get Free Airline Tickets
Companion Flights
There are few schemes associated with credit cards that might get you free companion flights. These kinds of schemes on credit cards can prove to be beneficial for the people who travel for work purpose and can bring along a colleague/companion for free. This can be a good deal, but you need to purchase the first ticket at full fare.
Courier Flights
You can enjoy free flights by becoming a courier carrier, carrying time sensitive documents or parcels which can clear the customs quickly at the destination. You get around 70% off on the actual fare of the flight. However, these kinds of flights are becoming less common now-a-days, because very few companies offer them. Courier flights are quite rare as well because the companies offer them only when they have a delivery to be made at a very short notice.
There are few airlines that conduct promotional activities and give away free tickets to the participants. Taking part in such promotional activities will help you gain free air ticket. You should make sure the destination and the time and date of the travel offered is convenient for you, before taking part in such contests. These airlines give out free tickets as part of their marketing and advertising strategy and that more often there is a definite time and destination offered. Very few airlines keep the time and destination flexible for the contestants to choose.
Become A Pilot Or A Flight Steward
If you really want to enjoy a free flight, then it is better to take up the training undergone by a flight attendants and pilots, as the profession ensures you traveling for free all the time. This is a lifetime free ticket to fly on a plane. You need not pay a penny all through your life. Add to this a handsome salary you can takeaway every month!!
Sign Up For Packages
If you want to make sure you want a free airline ticket, you may sign up for the travel tour packages, offered by few airlines. These packages provide you with incentives like free tickets, free items or free vouchers, when you are traveling in a group. However, in order to get such offers wherein you would be presented a decent discount on your air ticket, you may need to join some organizations, as airlines provide free tickets only to those who are part of those particular organization.
Be A Member Of Airline’s Frequent Traveler
People who travel frequently can apply for membership with the airlines. This membership with the airlines will provide you with mileage for each flight. The mileage can be used for free travel, hotel accommodations and few services like car rides and tours. So, even if you are not flying for free, you are getting complementary services which can balance the fare paid by you on the air ticket.

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