Waves, sand, sun and the best babes, the world’s best beaches boast of every corporeal delight you can think of. Explore this article on best beaches in the world and pick your favorite beach.

World Best Beaches

If you think that a journey isn’t just about the destination, then go round the lavish beaches and dunk yourself amidst the soft sand and warm sun and you wouldn’t yearn for anything else. Ask a beach bum and he or she will tell you that there is absolutely nothing like spending the day at the beach lying down on a lounger with a chilled glass of Sangria in hand and listening to the gulls caw. The very thought of soaking up some sun while rolling in the sand is good enough a proposition to make anyone’s heart pine for a beach vacation. A day at the beach is without equal. Whether you are digging for summer getaway options or just planning a weekend trip, all you have to do is head to any beach, park yourself almost anywhere along the sandy stretch, put your feet up and bid adieu to your snags. Apart from pure relaxation, you can also treat your eyes to the sight of gorgeous goddesses stretched out under the sun or see macho hunks flexing their muscles. For more information on the best beaches in the world, read on. 
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Best Beaches In The World
South Beach, Miami, USA 
The ultimate haven for the hedonists, South Beach packs in a real adrenaline rush for passionate beach bums. With slew of things to do, see, and indulge in, a trip to Miami is more than just about the cool seas and the blasting sun. Whether you lust for a perfect tan, romance the idea of sauntering in the golden sands or catching a glimpse of supremely hot babes clad in thongs, South Beach definitely sums up as the gorgeous destination for beach freaks. Huddled against the Atlantic Ocean, this surf capital, apart from its sapphire seas and iron-rust sands boasts of sidewalk cafés, lounge bars, designer boutiques, and the best of nightclubs. You, therefore, can park yourself in the beach or indulge in the many pleasures that South Beach has to offer.
Anse Source D’Argent, La Digue, Seychelles 
If your idea of a perfect beach is all about topaz seas, pale pink sand and picturesque bays, then the scenic Anse Source d’Argent is the beach you need to go to. Huddled beside the Indian Ocean, this alluring archipelago with its pristine beaches, powdery-soft sand and stunning reefs offers pure relaxation to sun seekers. Apart from snorkeling, sunbathing and splashing in the cerulean waters, you can enjoy pedaling down the roads or go on an ox-cart ride for a never before kind of experience.
Lanikai Beach, Hawaii, USA 
Head to the postcard-perfect Lanikai Beach and indulge in its sparkling white beaches, perfect shoreline, swaying palm trees, lush greenery and perpetual sunshine. This quintessential Hawaiian beach is every naturist’s ultimate paradise and makes for a perfect destination. Wander aimlessly on its seashore or just recline under a palm tree with a glass of margarita and enjoy the feeling of the warm sand against your soft skin.
Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 
This surfers’ paradise, which teems with tall, tanned, lovely and young garotas, has been rightly labeled as the sexiest beach on the earth. Whether you wish to perfect your tan, flaunt your super-toned body, get yourself punch-drunk on aphrodisiacal drinks, or just unleash the sport in you, the Ipanema beach is the place for you to go. The seductive and utterly filmic beachscape is thronged by the right crowd. So, park yourself anywhere on the beach and watch the pretty ladies moving around in thongs or go for a round of surfing, skim boarding or body boarding.
Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Queensland, Australia 
Have you ever seen Australian postcards that present endless stretches of eddying white silica sand lined against stunning blue lagoons? This amazingly untouched beautiful beach is unspoiled by the charms of urbanization and is the perfect place to laze around. A true treat for the senses, Whitehaven Beach offers a plethora of attractions like overnight sailing, a visit to the underwater playground and a trip to the Great Barrier Reef as well.
With these can’t-miss beach destinations scattered all across the globe, it’s surely time to forget the casino studded cityscapes and natural resorts and hit these world’s best beaches. Rest assured; you won’t feel like taking a detour back home.

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