Apart from the stupendous collection of beaches, Goa is also known for best water sports facilities in India. Read this article on beach water adventure sports in Goa and plan a trip here soon.

Water Sports In Goa

Goa, the beach of capital of India, is a land where adventure is to found in abundance. Right from the ever-inviting azure beaches merging with the clear blue skies, not knowing where the water ends and the heaven begins to the finely grained sand filled coastlines that extend as far as the eye can see; Goa is considered to be a land that serves the needs of both, the peace lovers and the thrill seekers. While the peace lovers can quietly lay back along the shores, basking in the warmth of the pleasant Goan sun; the adrenalin junkies can choose from a variety of activities that are sure to gratify every single cell living in their body. Although the smallest state of India, the fun that is to be had here is incomparable to anything you are likely to come across in India. And all thanks to John Lucas, an Englishman with a liking for windsurfing, who came to Goa in 1970s with a board and a rig, that the place came to be known as the water sports destination of the country, inviting fans from across the globe. If you too are a fan of water sports or want to give them a try, there’s no better destination than Goa. Read further to get some details on what all kinds of water sports are available in Goa.
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Water Sports Activities In Goa
One of the popular water sports in Goa is windsurfing, the one that started it all. It combines the skills required to surf and sail and if done right, being able to manage the changing patterns of the waves and the wind while still managing to balance the board and adjust the sail. This activity would definitely give you a high felt never before. You can try your hand at windsurfing at the Dona Paula Bay, as it is considered to be the ideal spot for novices and the experts. While the light breeze in the morning is there to help and guide the novices, the strong afternoon wind offers a perfect challenge to the experts. What’s more, experts can also participate in various competitions like the Windsurfing Regatta and Open board Sailing Competition.
Dinghy Sailing
Those who’re not so comfortable with adrenalin giving a kick can try their hand in dinghy sailing, also known as “beer and sandwich sailing”. A dinghy is a small inflatable boat or a life raft that is about 15 feet long and accommodates about 3-4 people. It is as much fun as windsurfing and the eligibility for it doesn’t require one to be athletic and agile. It’s a total treat to glide lightly over the placid waves of the sea while you sit on it and relax. Dinghies are available for hire at the Cidade de Goa and the Taj Holiday Village. Instructors are also available for the beginners. The calm water at the Dona Paula Bay is considered to be a perfect place to set sail for the first time.
Scuba Diving
Atleast once in a lifetime, everyone must have wished to be a bird or a fish so that he/she could feel what it is like to be a traveler in the air or underwater. In Goa, both of your wishes can come true. First, it’s “I want to be a fish” part that we’ll focus on. The scuba diving in Goa can fulfill your wish to be one amongst the Piscean friends. Although Goa is not among the world class destinations for scuba diving, with underwater visibility just being at around 6-12 meters, the amazingly exotic marine life that swims within the waters is a sure shot attraction that probably nullifies the fact of not-so-good underwater visibility. Even the experienced divers are known to be blown away by the experience.
Apart from the rich fish life that includes Barracudas, damsels, snappers, sweetlips, groupers, sweepers, angel fish, butterfly fish, parrot fish, sharks, tangs, mullets, tuna, batfish, lionfish, and the amazing bottlenose dolphins, and many others; the underwaters of Goa are also blessed with 1000 shipwrecks (reportedly), including the Spanish and Portuguese Galleons, World War II wrecks, and merchant wrecks. The scuba diving equipments and instructors are easily available at Dona Paula and Aqua Marine in Panjim that will take you straight into the zone of the unknown.
Parasailing, also known as para ascending will transform your “I want to be a bird” dream into a sure shot reality. There’s a rope about 300 feet, the one end of which is tied to the parasail harness and the other to a speedboat. The soon-to-be parasailer, attached to the harness, stands on the shore as the speedboat gets itself ready to literally sweep him/her off the feet. Within seconds the speedboat gains momentum and takes parasailer about 300 feet high in the sky like a kite. Flying free in the air, the parasailer can catch a glimpse of the splendid Western Ghats and the vast blue seas that stretch till what seems like an infinite loop. Parasailing equipment for this pulse racing sport can be availed at Candolim, Majorda, and Anjuna beaches.
Water Skiing
If being a leopard of the sea is what you hope of becoming, then water skiing is undoubtedly the sport for you. And speedboats are a way to be one. Although, motorboats that go only up to 10-15 miles per hour make up for the majority, there are some speedboats that go as high as 30-40 miles per hour and can carry around 6-8 people. Almost all of the beaches in Goa are considered ideal for this speedy water sport. These speedboats are easily available at the Cidade de Goa, Bogmallo Beach Resort, and the Taj Hotels and are conveniently and frequently used for sightseeing as well as water skiing.
Goa, naturally blessed with beaches, is an ideal place to try your hand at angling, which is also known as fishing. These beaches provide for a rich reservoir of seafood to be caught. The Agonda beach in Canacona is considered to be the perfect spot for angling. Soormai, Salmon, and mullet are among the frequent catches. While Betual is famous for the finest and biggest mussels, Agonda is popular for rockfishes. Furthermore, at Agonda Soormai, salmon and muller are frequent catches. Go try your hand at it and who knows, you might just get lucky!
Water Scooter
Although small (can accommodate two people on a ride), water scooter is among the popular water sports in Goa. The fun of driving a motorbike in the turquoise blue waters of the Goan beaches is not to be missed at all. Even if you are not much of a biker on land, let alone sea, and can’t swim, you should not worry as you’ll be properly dressed with lifejacket. You can also bring along an instructor for confidence’s sake but the fun of riding it in between the vast sea is an experience that you’ll not forget for a very long time.
Last but not the least is one of the most basic and pleasure-worthy water sports of all — swimming. The waters around the beaches of Goa are warm and almost always safe. No equipments, no instructions (other than what is generally understood — not to go deep into the ocean), and the least fuss; all it requires from you is to bring along your swimming trunks or costumes. Just dive straight in to the waters and enjoy the simple thrills of swimming in the sea rather than in a pool. Finally, there are lifeguards at all the beaches of Goa from whom you better check the status of the beach before you jump right in.
Now that you’ve read all about the water sports in Goa, wait no longer and make arrangements for cashing on the fun. It is absolutely a crime to miss the thrills that await you!

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