Check out some interesting and funky kids craft ideas.

How To Build A Mini Catapult

Making a mini catapult is easy and fun, provided you know the instructions for the same. Go through the article, to get information about how to make a mini catapult.

How To Make A Sock Puppet

Learn here how to make a sock puppet. Know the art of making a sock puppet and decorating your home. This beautiful thing can be made by just old and used socks.

Crafts To Make With CDs

There are many crafts that can be made with otherwise useless CDs. Check out some exciting CD craft ideas given below.

How To Make Candy Bouquet

Making candy bouquets is a very good idea as far as homemade gifts are concerned. Check out the instructions given here and know how to make candy bar bouquet.

How To Make A Model Solar System

While the solar system always has always been exciting, you can make it more exciting by building your own. Read on to find how to make your own model solar system.

Face Painting Ideas For Kids

Face painting allows children to have that extra curve of smile on their faces. They love the riot of colors on their faces. Look here for some of the easy face painting ideas for kids!

How To Make A Toy Box

A toy box would be the perfect gift you can give your child. It would open the doors of imagination and fun for the child. Find out how to build a toy box.

How To Make A Pinata

Given below are directions on how to make a pinata. Read the instructions given below for making a pinata.

How To Make Friendship Bracelets

Making a handmade bracelet is the best way for showing your love towards your friend. In this article, we have provided instructions/directions on how to make friendship bracelets.

How To Make A Mummy

Check out information on making a mummy and know how to make a mummy at home.

How To Make A Tutu

A Tutu is a dance costume that is worn by the ballerinas. Learn more about how to make a tutu. Read on to find out how to create a tutu.

How To Do A Clown Face Paint

Given below are some vital tips on how to paint a clown face. To know how to do a clown face paint, read on.

How To Make Garlands

Are you looking for an answer to ‘how to make flower garlands’? Browse through this article and learn a number of tips on making a garland.

How To Make A Rainbow

Knowing how to make a rainbow can help you in bringing some colors into your life. To know how to build or create a rainbow, read on.

How To Make A Memory Quilt

Are you wondering as to ‘how to make photo memory quilt’? Read on this article and get ideas as well as instructions for making memory quilts.

How To Press Flowers

Flower pressing is an intriguing activity, which many of us must have tried in childhood. To learn how to press flowers, check out some simple flower pressing instructions.

How To Make Kids Bean Bag

Do you want to know how to make/build kids bean bag? The tips given in this article will help you in making bean bags for children.

How To Make Salt Crystals

Are you looking for some information on how to make/grow your own salt crystals? Read on the tips given below and know all about making salt crystals at home.

How To Make Money Tree

Making a money tree at home and giving it your loved ones, as a present, is an excellent option. Read the ideas given below and know how to make a money tree.

Decorating Glass Ornaments

Decorating glass ornaments can be fun, especially during Christmas. Use the information given below to learn how to decorate glass ball ornaments.

How To Make A Clay Flower Pot

Making a clay flower pot might sound difficult, but with the right steps it really isn’t all that hard. Read on to find out how to make a flower pot.

How You Make A Piggy Bank

A piggy bank is used to store coins. Find out simple tips on making a piggy bank.

How To Make Fairy Wings

Fairy wings can give you a dramatic look for costume party. If you want to know how to make your own fairy wings, read the tips given below.

How To Make A Simple Telescope

Making a simple telescope at home is not too difficult, provided you manage to get the right tips. Read on further and know how to make/build a simple homemade telescope.

How To Make A Xylophone

Find out simple tips on how to build a xylophone.

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