Decorating glass ornaments can be fun, especially during Christmas. Use the information given below to learn how to decorate glass ball ornaments.

Decorating Glass Ornaments

Ornaments made of glass are generally used to adorn Christmas trees to highlight the festive spirit and make the tree appear more magnificent. In earlier times, decorative items for Christmas trees included crocheted pieces, paper chains, colorful glass bulbs and icicles. However, with changing tastes, Christmas tree was seen as a grandiose work of art that required more elaborate embellishments. Slowly, glass ornaments became popular. These glass ornaments are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and patterns and are just too impressive to behold. However, the most common of all these glass ornaments are glass balls. Learn how simple glass balls can be decorated and used for bedecking Christmas trees and other items.
  • Take a clear glass ornament ball. Drop few drops of paint in through the hole in the ball and then turn it upside down. Leave it undisturbed overnight. The paint will slowly coat the insides of the ball. Once the paint dries, place the top back on the ball.
  • Cut glittering foils in different colors. You can also use the silver or golden foils used for wrapping chocolate bars or colorful gift wrappers and cut them into very small strips. Stuff these strips to glass balls.
  • Mix different colors of glitter to fill the balls. Else, take some glossy Easter-basket style grass and carefully insert it into plain glass balls.
  • Take a metallic glass ball. Take white glue and paint a design on the ball, with the help of a paintbrush. Lightly dust the design with colorful glitter, while the glue is still wet.
  • You can also make some snowflakes ball for the Christmas tree. Take a clear or a metallic colored ball and add shimmering white glitter to it to give the impression of snow flakes.
  • Paint some stars or candles on a metallic ball. Now, gild the stars with golden glitter. In case you opt for candles, paint the body in silver and the flame in sparkling gold.
  • Take a metallic ball and paint on some bright colored gift boxes, tied with ribbons. Coat them with colorful glitter for that vibrant look.
  • Take clear glass balls and apply some faux stained glass lead paint or pre-made strips, in designs of your choice. You can choose stars, jingle bells, holly, dove, angels, etc. Now, fill in the patterns with glass paint. Once the ball dries, you can seal it with a spray enamel sealant.
  • You can use these glass balls to deck your Christmas tree, along with other purchased glass ornaments. You can also gift them to friends and relatives, after personalizing them with names and messages, in order to make them more special.

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