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30th Birthday Party Ideas

A birthday party for a friend or a loved one who is turning 30 involves quite a lot of planning but it does not necessarily involve that much hard work. The 30th birthday party should be fun and exciting and a little passionate as well. It should be a party which everyone should remember for quite some time to come. In this article, we provide you some great 30th birthday party ideas.
  • Date - A 30th birthday party is a milestone in itself, so what better way to celebrate it than to set a date. If you are planning for a date for the guest who is turning 30, then choose someone wisely, with the help of their friends, so that this does not turn out to be an awkward situation afterwards.
  • Surprise – A surprise party is also a great idea to make the guest who is turning 30, feel special. However, it is not always feasible to throw a surprise party. But, if you do plan to go ahead with it, make sure you tell every person who will attend the party that it’s going to be a surprise party, so that no one spoils the element of surprise.
  • Theme Party - A theme party can really go down well for a 30th birthday. A party theme can reflect anything from the interest or hobby of the person who is turning 30 to something as unique as turning everybody into James Bond (if you like James Bond!). There are many themes available which one can choose from. Whatever theme you choose, make sure it turns out to be entertaining.
  • Games - For any 30th birthday party, games is a must. There are various games that can be held in such a party. One can present some sort of recap of the guest’s bygone years, or can present some sort of trivia quiz or games which can be real fun to participate in.
  • Movie and Dinner - Another interesting idea for a 30th birthday party is to invite close friends and family members over, and going for a movie followed by dinner at the favorite restaurant of the guest who is turning 30.

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