A piggy bank is used to store coins. Find out simple tips on making a piggy bank.

How You Make A Piggy Bank

A piggy bank is a traditional name for a storage container that is used to collect coins. It is also known as penny bank or money box. It is generally used by children; and is made of ceramic or porcelain. It inculcates in children the habit of saving money. The traditional piggy banks had to be broken to take out the coins from it, but modern day banks have a rubber plug below it which can be removed easily.
Making a piggy bank can be quite fun. If you want to make your own piggy bank, then follow these simple steps.
Things Required
  • An empty bleach bottle
  • Used spools of thread
  • Cardboard
  • Artificial eyes
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Box cutter
  • Paint
  • Fabric
  • Textured paper 
How You Make a Piggy Bank 
  • The first step involves cutting out a slot for the coins to drop. Take the box cutter and carefully cut out the top of the bottle in a rectangular shape.
  • The ears and eyes need to be made next; for this cut the two cardboard triangles and fold the top part to create the flop that the ears will have. Now, attach these to the bottle by using a tape. For the eyes, it’s pretty simple. Use the glue to paste the artificial eyes on to the bottle.
  • Next, you need to design the body of the piggy bank. This is perhaps the most creative part of the whole experience. To decorate and design the body, you need to use a combination of painting. Glue the square pieces of the fabric in any particular pattern that you want. You can use textured paper as well for designing the body which will give the piggy bank a beautiful look. One can decorate the body in many other ways, but if you do not quite have any idea on how to go about designing the body, you can design the piggy bank like we have mentioned above.
  • Now, you need to attach the feet and tail of the piggy bank. For this, first put the bottle upright. Now use the glue to attach the spools that you have, to the bottle. But make sure that you let them dry in the same position; else it won't hold on to the bottle nicely. Once the glue has dried up, stand the piggy up.
  • Lastly, we need to make the space from where the coins need to be inserted. For this, you are going to have to drill a hole into the top or behind the piggy.
  • Your very own piggy bank is ready to use.
  • Now that you have learnt how to create your very own piggy bank, you can go ahead and create one. The most fun part of creating a piggy bank yourself is the fact that you can customize it to your needs, and design it accordingly.

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