Check out some interesting and funky kids craft ideas.

Homemade Playdough Recipe

Let your children try their hand at sculpting by introducing them to the world of playdough. Read below to learn the various homemade playdough recipes.

How To Make A Photo Album

Making and personalizing a photo album is interesting and enjoyable! This article gives you some tips on how to make a photo album.

Crafts For Toddlers

See your child transform from being a bird watcher to a potential Pablo Picasso with these interactive and fun crafts for toddlers.

Butterfly Art Ideas

Butterflies look extremely pretty in flight, but they can also look just as pretty in art. Explore this article for two easy to put together butterfly art ideas.

Salt Dough Recipe

It’s fun to create holiday ornaments and trinkets using salt dough. Learn how to make salt dough and enjoy making decorations. The recipes listed are easy to make. So, get going for uninterrupted fun.

Tie A Perfect Bow

Give your gifts that extra special touch with a perfect bow. Learn how to make a perfect bow by navigating through this article.

Gifts Kids Can Make

If you are looking to surprise your mom with a personalized gift this festive season, then these gift ideas can leave you inspired. To know more on gifts kids can make easily at home, read on.

How To Make Artificial Flowers

Roses are red, violets are blue, but artificial flowers can have you glued. Swing your way through this article for an exclusive access to instructions on making artificial flowers.

Baby Food Jar Crafts

Wondering for baby food jar craft ideas for kids? If yes, then here are some tips on baby food jar crafts for you and your kids to explore. Read this article and pick the idea that appeals you most.

How To Make Yarn Bracelets

This friendship day, surprise your friend with a beautiful yarn bracelet! Here are some tips on how to make ‘out of this world’ yarn bracelets.

How to Make A Beaded Bracelet

Making beaded bracelets can be a fun and rewarding experience. To learn how to make a beaded bracelet at home, explore this write up.

Christmas Crafts 2011

Indulge into some homemade Christmas crafts for your loved ones, instead of rushing to the shopping malls. Pick up your favorite among the different Christmas craft ideas for 2011 listed here.

How To Build A Cardboard Castle

Do you have a little prince or princess who is fascinated by epics of kings and queens? Just follow these easy steps to indulge them with a beautiful home-made cardboard castle.

Flip Flop Crafts

Ever wondered how you could make you regular flip flops better? This article will tell you how you could make your flip flops look like something out of a fashion show.

Flower Crafts For Kids

Crafts are the best way to keep your kids constructively engaged. Read below to know the various flower crafts for kids.

Vacation Art Ideas For Kids

Arts and crafts are a world away from academics, but can still help kids turn out so much smarter and creative. Explore this article for innovative vacation art ideas for kids.

Bottle Cap Necklace Party Favors

The bottle cap is the ‘in-thing’ when new necklace party favors are considered. Find more on bottle cap necklace party favors in this article

Earth-Friendly Crafts

Something needs to be done to save our planet. The future is in your hands, explore this article to get familiar with ideas on crafts that are earth-friendly.

How To Make A Scrapbook Family Tree

Cherish the memories of your good old days and your favorite people together in a scrapbook. Read to find out more on family tree scrapbook.

Crafts Using Old CDs

You must be tired of arranging old CDs that are stacked up in your home. Learn how to make some simple yet elegant old CDs crafts, in this article.

How To Make CD Holder

Everyone needs a place to keep their CDs together at one place. Read more to find how to make CD holder

Making Balloon Animals

Make your birthday party attractive with balloon animals. Read more to find how to make balloon animals.

How To Make A Finger Puppet

Add charm to your kid’s bedtime stories with a finger puppet! Read more to find finger puppets making ideas.

How To Make Coasters

You can make coasters as good as the ones you get in your local stores. Explore the article to know how to make coasters.

How To Make A Wooden Spoon Puppet

Kids love to be taught how to make crafts out of things as common as wooden spoons. Here’s how to make wooden spoon puppets.

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