Ever wondered how you could make you regular flip flops better? This article will tell you how you could make your flip flops look like something out of a fashion show.

Flip Flop Crafts

The very first question that should be answered is “What are flip flops?” Flip flops are footwear with basically just a rubber sole with a single strap on them. The strap of the flip flop will sit between the big toe and the second toe. Many would believe that this makes a flip flop the same as a sandal because of the similarity in looks. However, they differ from sandals because, unlike sandals, flip flops are not tied on with a buckle at the ankle. Flip flops became more popular in America when movie stars and top notch designers started adopting them as a style statement. Other reasons why they became popular could be the fact that they are very comfortable to wear and allow the feet to breath owing to them being totally open.  Since flip flops have become so popular, it is only natural that you would want to personalize your pair of flip flops in a way that best suits your personality. This article will help you with ideas to do just that.  

Flip Flop Craft Ideas
Since flip flops became a style statement a long time ago, the only thing that remains is to personalize them according to your tastes.

  • If you want to add a bit of glamour to your flip flops, all you need to do is to add some rhinestones to them. How you will do this is to take some rhinestones and glue them onto the straps of your flip flops with super glue so that they don’t come off. You could also put some along the sides and using plastic rhinestones would be a good idea as they will keep the flip flops light.
  • If it is summer that you are preparing for, you would want to make sure that the end result reflects the light colors and patterns that would suit the summer. Here, just like the rhinestone project, all you need to do is to get some small plastic flowers (all in light colors) and stick them to your flip flops using glue. You could put a unique color at the junction of the straps and have the other two straps sport a line of flowers of different colors. You could also go in for a completely different approach and decorate them with just a single big flower stuck to the centre of the straps.
  • If you are in the mood to get really creative, then what you could do is to take strips of ribbons of your favorite color and tie them in little bows all over your flip flops. While doing this it would be advisable not to make the ribbons too big or long, otherwise you might end up tripping over them.
  • If you are not interested in attaching any accessories to your flip flops, you could always go in for a new paint scheme. All you will need is an idea and some paint. You can make it on the sole of your flip flops and have the straps reflect the same paint scheme. You could also paint them in random colors and make them look jazzy. Keeping the 70’s in mind will help with the selection of these random colors.
Flip flops don’t always have to stay the way you bought them. With a little effort and creativity, your flip flops could be the talk of the town.

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