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Dance Songs Of The 90s

When you are on the dance floor, you only need a 90s dance hit to get you moving. Browse through this article to know more about the best dance hits of the 90s.

Cheerleading Songs

Read this article about cheerleading songs to mesmerize and leave your audience blown away with a superb cheerleading performance.

Facts About Beethoven

Did you know that Beethoven, one of the greatest music composers of all times, was deaf? Discover more of such interesting facts about Beethoven in this write-up.

Songwriting Techniques

The touching lyrics of some of the melodies we listen today are nothing but the inner thoughts of singers transformed into music. This piece on songwriting techniques will teach you the same.

How To Sing Harmony

If you thought that singing single was a Herculean task, think again! Singing in a group is trickier as you need to learn the basics of harmony and blend. Explore how to sing in harmony.

How To Play The Drums

If drumming is your passion, then you have come to the right place. With this article, explore tips and learn how to play the drums. Practice is all that you would need to become a master drummer!

Songwriting Tips

Are you unable to put in the right words to that ‘Oh! So perfect music’? Here are a few tips and ideas on writing a brilliant song which will help you get the point across, in a melodious fashion!

How To Play Guitar

Guitar is regarded as the king of instruments by some, while others are just awestruck by its appeal. Enlisted are a few basics that would help you learn how to play guitar. Happy teaching yourself!

Types Of Music

Music is a universal language, without any universal definition. There are different kinds of music around the globe, some types of which have been outlined in this article.

How To Write A Ballad

Now itemize your imaginations, emotions, happiness and sadness in a poetic and inspirational manner. Read to learn tips on how to write a ballad, and give space for your imaginations to reach people.

How To Make A Rap Song

Rap music is straight from your heart and created spontaneously. Hence, making a rap song is not difficult, if you are versed with the techniques. Read on to know how to make your own rap song.

Best Slow Songs Ever

Slow songs are generally more popular than rock music, as they make the soul get into the groove of intimate love & pleasure. Explore a list of best slow songs of all times ever composed.

Irish Musical Instruments

Traditional Irish music has enjoyed unparalleled popularity in the musical world. Read on to know about the list of classic musical instruments used in Irish music, to maintain its eternal grandeur.

Famous Jazz Songs

Jazz has been a popular music genre, ever since it originated in the 20th century. This article brings you the list of the best and famous jazz songs of all times. Enjoy them!

How To Tune A Banjo

While tuning your banjo, you have to match the open sounds of the strings to the universal standard notes. Read the article to find some helpful tips on how to tune a banjo.

Top Karaoke Songs

As far as the top karaoke songs are considered, the list seems to be endless. Read the article to know some of the most popular karaoke songs of all times.

How To Play Harmonica

Harmonica is a musical instrument which can produce the sound of romance. Explore the article to know how to play Harmonica.

How To Tune A Violin

An out of tune violin will, most probably sound like a tuned in crow. Read the article below to know how to tune a violin.

History Of Classical Guitar

Classical guitar, one of the popular musical instruments, has a fascinating history of development. Read on to know interesting & amazing information on origin & background of classical guitar.

How To Choose A Good Guitar

Choosing a good guitar may involve factoring in a lot of considerations, including the price. Explore the article to find some valuable tips on how to choose and buy a good guitar.

Pink Floyd Hits

Pink Floyd were an English Rock band, famed for its distinct musical style and soulful lyrics. Explore the article to find the top Pink Floyd hits/ songs and include them in your play list.

How To Sing High Notes Easily

Using the right technique and doing constant practice are the key elements to sing high notes easily. Check out the tips given here and know how to hit high singing notes easily.

How To Sing Better

It’s never too late to learn to sing better. The following points explain how you can express yourself in delightful melody.

Michael Jackson Hits

Michael Jackson, who has been referred to as the ‘King of Pop’, has been a musical genius and legend. Explore the article to know the top Michael Jackson’s songs/hits.

How To Clean Trumpets

Cleaning your trumpet is vital, if you want to increase the life of the musical instrument. In this article, you will learn how to clean trumpets.

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