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Types Of Potatoes

Potatoes are a crucial part of our diet, but little do we know that there are five thousand varieties of potatoes in the world. Find out more about different types of potatoes.

Bay Leaf Substitute

Fresh or dried, bay leaf adds flavor and fragrance to cooking. But if you do not like it, you can use its alternatives. With this piece of information, find substitutes for bay leaves.

Paprika Substitute

Want to make your dish colorful and hot but have no paprika? Paprika substitute acts as magical wand. In this article, find out various substitutes for paprika.

How To Make Edible Arrangements

Are you dazzled by the edible arrangements shown in food shows, magazines and food festivals? Want to make your own one? This article could really help you in this regard.

Vegan Egg Substitute

Have you recently turned vegan? Though it was your own wish, you still find it hard to avoid those freshly baked cakes and brownies? Don’t worry, for we present you egg substitutes especially for you.

How To Make Garlic Powder

If fresh garlic proves too much for you then try using garlic powder for a more subtle flavor. Read below to learn how to make dried garlic.

Raw Sugar Vs White Sugar

Looking for a sugar that doesn’t mess up the health? There isn’t one! But there’s definitely a better form of it. Read this article about raw sugar vs. white sugar and find out which one.

Popcorn Facts

Glance through this article to learn about few interesting popcorn facts. These facts on popcorn will make you stop and imagine before popping one to your mouth next time.

How To Cut Leeks

Leek is a vegetable used, along with onions and garlic, as an ingredient in many fine soups and recipes. Read the following article to learn various ways to clean and cut leeks.

Food Garnishing

Garnish your food and see the difference in people’s reactions when you serve them! With this article, explore some food garnishing tips.

Types Of Chocolate

Bored from the taste of your current chocolate-kind obsession? Read this article about different types of chocolates and start testing the boundaries of your taste buds.

Types Of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are very commonly used fruit and are easy to grow. But did you know that red tomato is just a type out of the many existing? Check out the different kinds of tomatoes in the article below.

How To Hold Chopsticks

Holding chopsticks is just like solving a math problem. The moment you get the formula (technique) right, you’ve cracked it. Read this article and know how to hold chopsticks.

How To Store Garlic

Are you looking for tips that would help keep garlic fresh and retain its flavor for several months? Peep into this write-up and discover how to store garlic.

What is Evaporated Milk

Always wondered what is evaporated milk? Evaporated milk has less water, creamy texture and offers great delicious flavor. Read on to explore the various benefits of drinking evaporated milk.

Frozen Food Safety

Freezing keeps the foods fresh in taste for a longer duration. Read below to learn more on frozen food safety.

Heavy Cream Vs Whipping Cream

Do you know how to differentiate between heavy cream and whipping cream? If your answer is a no, explore this article to learn more about the same.

Food Storage Guidelines

Food is prone to deterioration which is why we must make a special effort to provide good food storage. Learn on the food storage guidelines mentioned in this article.

How To Brew Iced Tea

Go through the article and learn how to brew iced tea in order to get a refreshing and energising glass of tea as and when you feel like revitalizing your senses.

Canned Food Safety

Canned food is mouthwatering and easy to store and use. However, to enjoy the same, proper food safety is essential. Read on to get tips for canned food safety.

How To Steam Asparagus

A healthy vegetable with low calorie & no sodium, asparagus can be cooked in a variety of ways. However, steaming it is one of the favorite methods. With this article, know how to steam asparagus.

Chicken Food Safety

Chicken makes the mouth watery, but its proper safety is essential. Go through the article to get chicken food safety tips.

Foods That Burn Body Fat

Certain foods tend to burn body fats more efficiently than others. Scroll the article to know the foods that burn body fat.

Cappuccino Vs Latte

For those who are unfamiliar with the various coffee drinks served, cappuccino and latte seem to be the same. For others, there’s a difference. With this piece, solve the cappuccino vs. latte dilemma.

How To Store Ginger Root

Storing ginger root can be quite a hassle, as we seldom use the whole root & do not know where to store the rest, until next use. Steer through the article and know how to store ginger root.

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