Do you know how to differentiate between heavy cream and whipping cream? If your answer is a no, explore this article to learn more about the same.

Heavy Cream Vs Whipping Cream

Milk and milk products are commonly used food items which form an important source of protein, vitamins and minerals and are also rich in calcium which is very essential for the bones and teeth. Among the many well-liked milk products that are consumed commonly is cream which is the yellowish white component of milk. Cream is rich in butterfat and forms a thin layer on the top of the milk before the process of homogenization takes place. Cream is an additional healthy byproduct of milk and is of different kinds. It is the difference between heavy cream and whipping cream, two most commonly used forms of cream that this piece of writing will deal with. Heavy cream and whipping cream can be differentiated from one another on the basis of their fat content. To learn more about the dissimilarities between heavy cream and whipping cream, read through the following section.

Difference Between Heavy Cream And Whipping Cream
  • Heavy cream is nothing but a special dairy product that is made from the top most layer of the milk that is rich in butterfat, while the term whipped cream or whipping cream refers to a cream that is subjected to a process of continuous beating till it becomes light and fluffy.
  • Both heavy and whipped creams stand opposite when it comes to measuring their fat content. Heavy ream has a fat content of at least 36 percent and can even range as high as 40 percent, which is much higher than the fat content in whipped cream. In whipping cream, however, the fat content ranges from 30 to 36 percent. Heavy cream is much easier to whip because of the high fat content it holds.
  • Whipping cream might have sugar added to it in order to make it taste sweet, but heavy cream has no sugar added to it. In the case of whipping cream, powdered sugar can be added during the process of whipping in order to make it sweet.
  • Due to the higher fat content in heavy cream, there is space for a greater volume being created when the cream is whipped. On the other hand, in the case of whipping cream with lower fat content, less volume is created when whipped.
  • Heavy cream, as already mentioned, is high in fat content which acts in its favor. The high fat content in the heavy cream makes it more stable and long lasting when whipped cream. On the other hand, whipping cream has low fat content and therefore when it sits for a longer period of time, liquids might start seeping out of the cream.
  • Heavy cream is used as an ingredient in the preparation of chocolate products, ice creams, puddings, custards and different kinds of sausages and soups. On the other hand, whipping cream is more commonly used as a garnishing ingredient or as a topping for ice creams and pies. It is also used as an ingredient in sauces. This difference in use is because of the fact that heavy cream has the capacity to hold its initial form for a longer period of time when compared to whipping cream.
  • If you compare the shelf life of both heavy cream and whipping cream, it is the whipping cream that stands top on the list. One should always purchase heavy cream with a tag of limited shelf life because the fresher the heavy cream, the better it will taste. Therefore, in order to maintain the richness of a dish, only fresh heavy cream should be used.
Like any other milk product, cream is also of great use. However, when it comes to the use of cream in various dishes, knowledge of the distinction between the types of cream is essential. This piece on heavy cream vs. whipping cream will surely have provide you with clear understanding of the difference in use of the two types of creams.

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