Check out some humorous quotations, sayings and phrases.

Email Pranks

Tired of playing the same pranks on your associates and acquaintances? Turn into an evil prankster with some funny email prank ideas, listed herein.

Funny Leadership Quotes

Add some humor and inspiration in your leadership tasks with some funny and witty leadership quotes. Take a look at a few of them by navigating through this article.

Office Jokes

Read these hilarious office jokes that are centered on the misery of the ones lost in the turbulence of an office routine. These are sure to tickle your ribs the funny way.

Funny Marriage Quotes

Hit by marriage blues? If yes, scroll down these funny marriage quotes and spark up some fun and mirth in your droning marriage.

Funny Proverbs

Funny proverbs are an interesting blend of humor and wisdom. Read below for a few funny proverbs.

Funny Cake Toppers

Depending on how you are willing to look at it, cake toppers can be a lot of fun. Breeze through this article for exciting and refreshing ideas on funny cake toppers.

Benefits Of Laughter

Laughing not only triggers happiness but good health too! View this article and encounter some of the benefits of laughter.

Types Of Humor

When you are looking to be funny, there are quite a number of ways to go about it. Explore this article to for a close look at the different types of humor.

Funny One Line Jokes

Looking for some extremely funny one-liners to tickle your tummy? If yes, these rib tickling funny one-line jokes are likely to get you roaring with laughter.

Blonde Jokes

Centered on the stupidity of blonde women, blonde jokes can add a hilarious touch to any gathering, leaving you laughing your hearts out. Find some silly and funny jokes on blondes.

Very Funny Jokes

Cracking hilarious jokes is the best way to entertain people and shed off their stress. Go through the article below for a few rib tickling and very funny jokes.

Funny Facts About Women

Searching for funny facts about women? If yes, then just read on. Here is a list of amazing facts about women.

Short Hilarious Jokes

Jokes are a must-have in any get together and social occasion. Read below for a few short hilarious jokes. A good laugh and a happy day are all that these jokes ensure!

Trick Questions

Trick questions are fun, because they almost end up getting you to think more than you like to. Plough through this article for a whole lot of trick questions and answers.

Oxymoron Examples

Oxymoron can make people state in amazement or even laugh at the very juxtaposition of two antonyms. Here are some common examples of oxymoron.

Witty Christmas Quotes

This article will help you buildup your armory of witty quotes that you can deliver during the office Christmas party or at the Christmas dinner at your house.

Humorous Christmas Poems

Christmas poems are the best way to wish and spread cheer among your friends and family. Read below for a list of funny Christmas poems.

Tongue Twisters For Adults

Tongue twisters are an excellent way to perfect your pronunciation. Read the article below on tongue twisters for adults.

Funny Birthday Jokes

Birthdays are indeed one fun occasion. Add more fun and mirth to someone’s birthday celebration with these top funny happy birthday jokes and get roaring with laughter.

Funny Riddles

Riddles are a great way to shoo away boredom and exercise your brain. Read some funny short puzzles that can convert a casual conversation into an entertaining one & explore their answers as well.

Stand Up Jokes

Stand up comedy is a difficult art and you need to know real good jokes to make it work. Explore the article to know more stand humor.

Funny Prank Call Ideas

Prank calls are ideal for playing practical jokes and stitching people up. Read this article for some funny and hilarious prank call ideas that are sure to make you and your friends cry with laughter.

Hilarious Sayings

Hilarious sayings are a great way to raise a smile either face to face or through a letter or greeting card. Explore this article to find some short, funny sayings.

Christmas Jokes For Kids

Kids love jokes of kind even if they are used to poke a quick “ha ha” on Father Christmas and others. Here are some Christmas jokes that have been a hit with kids since time immemorial.

Harmless Pranks For Kids

The thrill of playing a prank or practical joke is bliss for children with a naughty mind. Here are some ideas on easy and fun, but harmless pranks for kids.

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