Trick questions are fun, because they almost end up getting you to think more than you like to. Plough through this article for a whole lot of trick questions and answers.

Trick Questions

A man dressed all in black is walking down a spooky street. All of a sudden, a big black car with its headlights switched off comes round the corner and just about manages to avoid running the man down. Now, how did the driver of the big black car manage to avoid the man dressed in black? Simple, the man dressed in black was walking down the spooky street during the day, so it really didn’t matter if the car had its headlights switched off or on. Now, this is what you would call a trick question. It’s a question which really has a simple answer, but due to its formulation and chosen words, a trick question can even pose a challenge to even the brightest of individuals, the dull notwithstanding! Make a move and read on to find for yourself some trick questions that are guaranteed to work those rusted cells in your brain.

Funny Trick Questions

  • A man builds a house that has four rectangular sides. Each of these four sides has a southern exposure. One fine day a big bear comes along to the house and is ready to attack. What color is the bear?
  • How many animals of each and every species did Moses take with him in the ark during the biblical floods?
  • A few months have thirty days; a few months have 31 days. Now, how many months have twenty-eight days?
  • If a doctor were to give you three pills and asked you to take a one pill every half hour, how long would it take for you to take all the pills?
  • What number would you get if you were asked to divide thirty by half and then add ten?
  • A shepherd has seventeen sheep. On an unfortunate day, a wolf attacks the flock and kills all but nine. How many sheep are left with shepherd?
  • If you had only one match and were trapped in a cold, dark and eerie room, where you just knew there was an oil heater, a candle and an oil lamp. Which would you light first? Would it be the candle, the oil heater or the oil lamp?
  • Do you think it’s legal for a man to marry the sister of his widow?
  • A poor little baby kangaroo is trapped at the bottom of a 30-foot well. The well is far from being as comfortable as his doting mother’s pouch. The little kangaroo however makes some serious efforts to get out of the well. Each and every day he jumps up three feet, but slips back two. At this rate, how long do you think it would for the kangaroo to get out of the well?
  • In the Rodriguez family that lives around the corner, there are seven sisters. Each of the seven sisters has one brother. Now, including Mr. and Mrs. Rodriguez, how many members do you think there are in the Rodriguez family?
  • How close a relative do you think the sister-in law of your only father’s only brother would be?
  • In which book of the Bible is the incident of Abel slaying Cain mentioned? Is it Genesis, Deuteronomy or Exodus? 
  • There are two grandpa clocks in a friendly neighbor’s attic. Your neighbor wants you take one of those clocks home. You obviously want to take the more accurate one home. The first clock doesn’t run at all, and the second clock looses one second every twenty four hours. Which clock do you think is more accurate?

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