Why not teach the value of life to your toddler with the help of an entertaining game? Explore to go through some team games for kids.

Team Games For Kids

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships” said Michael Jordan. “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success” said Henry Ford. To teach a child to work as a team is the best knowledge that a parent can impart. Skills like coordination, understanding, team work, responsible attitude, initiative etc are all certain essential qualities that a person should master in order to attain success in life. Therefore, it is essential on part of the parents to instil team spirit in their children. One of the many ways by which parents can teach their children to work as a part of a team is by making them play team games. There are several team games for kids that challenge their coordinating skills and make them more interactive and indulging. These games will not only teach the kids the importance of teamwork, but will also help them in improving their confidence levels and leadership qualities. Read further to learn about some of the interesting group games for kids.

Group Games For Kids

Tossing The Ball
Tossing the ball is one of the interesting team games for the kids to test their coordinating skills. The players need to form a big circle in which one player will throw the ball to the player opposite to him/her. The player who receives the ball should pass it on to the player standing on the left hand side of the first player. The ball should be thrown to each player at least once in the same sequence. You can increase the number of balls being circulated in order to make the game challenging and more interesting.

Criss Cross
Criss cross is another interesting and innovative team game for kids which will teach them the ability to move swiftly through congestion and traffic towards their destination. You need four teams to start the game, with each team standing at four corners of a square. All the four teams need to move in their opposite direction when the game starts. The interesting and challenging part of the game is that each team needs to adapt a particular style of movement such as hopping, running, crab walking, wheel barrel. There will be little commotion and congestion when the teams meet each other in the centre of the square. The team which reaches the destination first is declared the winner. 

Jumping Rope
It is a very simple team game to indulge the kids in. All you need is a big team of kids and one rope. Two players need to hold the rope from two ends and the rest of the players need to stand in the middle of the rope, and should start jumping once the rope is turned. The team which is able to complete maximum number of jumps continuously is declared the winner.

Snake In The Gutter
This game requires at least three kids to act as snakes to start the game. Make these three kids form a channel by standing in a line with a wide gap between them, facing the rest of the players. The adult in charge should say out loud “Snake in the gutter” giving an indication to the players to start the game. The players will have to run pass the gutter without getting tailed by a snake. Those who get tagged become the snake and will have to stay in the gutter. 

Dog And Bone
To play dog and bone there should be two teams, each with the equal number of kids and a bean bag. The bean bag should be placed in the middle of the room and the kids can either form a circle around it or can sit in two lines. Number each head in both the teams and the kid with the same number needs to partner with the kid with the same number from the other team. When a number is called, the player holding the number from both teams should grab the bean bag and get it back to their domain before being tagged by the player of the opposite team. If a player gets tagged he/she should immediately leave the bag and the opposite player should try doing the same before getting tagged in return.

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