Christmas is almost here and getting busy with decorations is the call of time. Check out the new Christmas lighting ideas for 2011.

Christmas Lights 2011

Christmas is celebrated every year to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior of mankind, who was born to bear the sins of the populace and die for our salvation, thus, leading us from darkness to light. Lighting is an important part of all the festivals, especially Christmas. Decorating the house for Christmas is one of the most important family events of the year. It gives every family a chance to work at something together and spend some quality family time. During the Christmas time, lighting should be the most attractive feature of the overall décor. Lighting not only brightens the house, but also beautifies it uniquely, thus separating the house from the rest and making people take notice of it. The choice of lights, decorative pattern and the area of house covered are all important. Also, maintaining your Christmas decorations is important, as the lights can have some broken links or parts that you might need to replace or mend. Scroll further to find simple tips for making your house a lighted gift this season.
Christmas Lighting Ideas 2011
Beautiful and charming lights when assembled perfectly across the home, transform the entire abode at Christmas time into a clairvoyant accommodation. To present a beholding glimpse of your home during the season of joy, you need to select the right kind of lights that festoon the interiors all the more. The year 2011 will witness lots of bogie lights and other lights to bring out the fun and blaze of the festival. Right from simple bogie lights to cordage lights, you have plenty of options to deck up your home interiors with and get them glittering.
Before you begin with decorating the tree, it is best to decide on the kind of effect you want to display. Select two sets of lights in different colors and shapes. Use the shorter light set to decorate the trunk of the tree from top to bottom, while the longer set will spiral around the branches. Whatever color you choose, make sure that it brings out the maximum effect. Green, gold, purple, and red are some great colors to choose from. Loop strands of beads at the ends of the branches, especially if they have a glossy finish. Sure to enhance the overall festive throughout the room!
What’s Christmas without a bit of sparkling lights sprinkled here and there? For the Santa Claus to maneuver his sleigh to your home and shove down through the chimney, your house has to be perfect from all aspects. While the indoors and the Christmas tree are done, you just can’t leave the outdoors bland and hope for the magical Santa to present you with gifts. Infuse Christmas lights on the outdoors to proclaim to all passers-bys that you are equally indulged in the joy of the season. While the basic round colored bulbs are traditionally used, many fancy shapes are found these days. However, this year, you are likely to see lots of pearly bulbs, shaped round like pearls with a glossy sheen on the outside.
Besides, lights in the shapes of hearts, icicles, candies, holly, and mistletoe can also be used to beautify your exteriors. Pick up bulb strings to deck up the bushes and the brambles. But make sure that you have adequate length of lights to cover the entire front side of the house twice. Since most bushes have an undesirable habit of camouflaging the lights, you should have good length of lights to considerably cover and illuminate the bushes. LED light, available in different colors, is another great idea to festoon the barks of the outdoor trees and line the flowerpots outside the house.
Christmas Lighting Ideas 2010
Home Sweet Home
The whole house can be draped with string lights. If you feel that draping the whole house is too much of a task, try putting up the lights along the borders of door frames, window frames and railings. Create a lighted appearance, wherein your whole house looks life a frame made of lights. For people who wish to be a bit more luxurious, you can try to project Christmas scenes on dark portions of the house. Go against the normally used norms of red, green and white lights. Venture forth and select any color of lights. However, make sure you utilize them in a manner that suits your house and brings out the best of your idea.
If you are in the habit of putting up a star on top of your house, be a little different this time. However, being different does not mean not putting up star. Instead, try to make a star with string lights. A great way to create illusion would be to use lights, which turn on and off automatically. This would give a mystic appearance to your home. Try putting up other lights, such as lights looking like ornaments or icicles. Add lighted wreaths and hang them outside. You can also use a lighted snowman in front of your house or a lighted Santa with his sleigh on top.
The Woods
Just like the house, the trees in your compound need to be decorated as well. And do not be lazy thinking that only fir or pine trees need to be decorated. You can lighten up any kind of flora with some well-placed lights. Decorating a tree is easier than beautifying a house, as you do not have to ornate or add extra decorations to the trees other than some lights. Try wrapping the trees in your garden with some lights. Placing a lighted Santa on a wire between two trees is also a great way to bring the best out of your garden. You can use any color of lights, but red looks the best, if the trees are already giving a visible green hue.
Within The Fences
Imagine a beautifully lit house and garden, but with a dull understated fence! The yard should not be left vacant, if you intend to produce a complete visual treat. Place lighted decorations in your yard. The most modern trends include inflatable decorations, which you can store away easily after use. Snow globes are also in trend nowadays. Don't forget the most important thing, the crib or The Nativity Scene. It should be kept in a highlighted and dignified position, separate from the rest of the decorations, as it conveys a more divine presence. You can also use plenty of lighted toys and small figures. Be sure to take care of the back yard too, along with the corners.

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