A Christmas tree is the most important symbol of Christmas and the good part is you can always customize it as per your own wish. Here are a few Christmas tree ideas for 2011 to assist you.

Christmas Tree Ideas 2011

The Christmas tree is, undoubtedly, the supreme and the most iconic symbol of Christmas festivities, the only name giving it a competition being Santa Claus from the North Pole. But even Santa loves to see nicely done Christmas trees, doesn’t he? The good thing about Christmas trees is that you can decorate them from scratch every year. Though you can always use old stuff to rebuild the Christmas tree and decorate it, people seldom do that. The whole family gets together at the time of decorating a Christmas tree. Everyone tries to incorporate their imagination, which results in the tree becoming a collage of ideas. While decorating a Christmas tree, you have to take care of various features which are prominent on the interiors of your home. Remember, a well-decorated Christmas tree looks great only in an equally well-done interior. However, before plunging on to the decoration part, you need to first buy yourself the perfect Christmas tree. Selecting the right tree is the most basic thing and is extremely important too. Only a perfect tree can ensure a perfect look. In the following lines, we bring you a list of great Christmas tree types, from which you can select your own.
 2011 Christmas Trees Ideas
Colorado Blue Spruce
The official state tree of Colorado and Utah, The Colorado Blue Spruce, is gaining popularity as the Christmas tree for its symmetry and for blue foliage. Also, the strong limbs allow for hanging heavy ornaments without having to fear about breaking them. The tree generally reaches the height of 65-115 feet with needle-like leaves that are 1 to 1 ½ inch long. Moreover, it’s excellent shape and little shearing needs make it a perfect ornamental tree during the Christmas season.
White Fir
White Fir, also known as Concolor Fir, is native to western United States. The tree may reach a height of about 130-150 feet and a diameter of 3-4 feet. The tree with light, soft, and coarse grained wood enjoys good popularity around the Christmas season because of its foliage color, natural shape, aroma, and good needle retention that usually go from ½ to 1 ½ inch.
Eastern White Pine
Lush and full, the Eastern White Pine is one of the most important and desirable species of North America. It is considered to be the largest pine in United States with a height of 80 feet and more and a diameter of 2-3 feet. Its needles, bluish green to silver green in color are soft, flexible, generally arranged in bundles of five, and are 2 ½ to 5 inches long. If watered properly, the needles last for a long time.
Norway Spruce
Norway Spruce is a native to the European continent. But this doesn’t stop it from being planted in Western hemisphere, particularly in northeastern United States and southeastern Canada. In Europe the tree reaches a height of 130-215 ft, but in US it reaches only a little more than 130 ft, more often than not. The needle retention of it is considered poor unless the trees are cut fresh and are kept properly watered. Therefore it is recommended that it is purchased just a week before Christmas.
2010 Christmas Trees
Fraser Fir
Fraser Firs are the most appropriate trees for being used as Christmas trees. The soft needles are nearly an inch long and exhibit a silvery green hue throughout. One great feature of the tree is that it has ample space between its branches to house the ornaments. Also, the soft needles are quite sturdy and can support heavier ornaments too. These trees grow in proper conical shapes and do not require additional molding. However, you must ensure that the cut tree is properly kept.
Noble Fir
The Noble Firs have a color advantage over the others, in the fact that they have a deep green shade and possess unique lovely branch shape. Some softer branches of Noble Fir are also used for making fresh wreaths. The branches of the tree are quite sturdy and assist users to decorate easily. Unlike the Fraser Firs, the needles of Noble Firs are not too sharp, yet the branches have good spacing between them, which makes it easier to hang ornaments on them.
Grand Fir
The Grand Firs are really long trees, which can grow up to a height of 300ft in wild. These trees possess a glossy deep dark green color, which gives them a very good contrasting effect with lights, thereby exemplifying the tree's prominence as a choice for the Christmas tree. They also possess a splendid Christmas tree aroma, which becomes more popular if the needles are crushed or broken. The soft needles on a Grand Fir can be anywhere between 1 to 1.5 inches long and are retained well, if the cut pieces are kept well-watered. However, while decorating Grand Fir, you need to be careful as the tree is too soft and cannot handle the heavier ornaments.
Douglas Fir
These trees make way for beautiful Christmas trees with soft shiny green needles. However, be cautious as to not to choose a tree, which has been forcibly shaped and sheared into a perfect conical shape, since it leaves too little space between branches to hang decorations, thereby making the process of beautification really difficult. So, it’s important that while choosing this particular type of Christmas tree, try to decorate it and then buy. Also, it is best to choose a Douglas Fir that is freshly cut and well-watered.
Balsam Fir
The Balsam Fir is a beautiful tree in dark-green color with airy, flexible branches. It has an attractive form, holds its needles well, and gives off a pleasant fragrance. The very distinct feature of the tree lies in its needles, which makes it a top holiday choice. The top of the needles are green, with a flashy silver hue on the underside that creates a remarkable color combination for a handsomely decorated tree. A word of caution that you need to follow while decorating a Balsam Fir is that do not hang heavy ornaments on the branches; lest they break off.
The Scotch Pine
The Scotch Pine tree is one of the least expensive trees in the US, which makes it one of the most popular choices for the Christmas tree. It has extremely attractive deep green needles, which look neat and graceful. The tree is very sturdy, which aids in decoration, making it a simple, hassle-free process. This also means that the tree can handle heavy ornaments. A fresh mild aroma and longevity of retention also make Scotch Pine one of the best choices.

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