There are a number of dance types and styles across the world. Find out information on various kinds of dances.

Electric Slide Dance Steps

Electric Slide Dance is a fun filled exercise to drive away your glooms. Read this article to learn how to dance the electric slide.

African Dance Types

Do you want to know the different African dance types? If yes, then steer through this article to learn more about the different types of African dance.

Ballroom Dance Types

A romantic moment or a social gathering, ballroom dance is the dance for any moment. Read below to learn more on ballroom dance types.

Cool Dance Moves

Cool dance moves are all about innovation, execution and presentation. Hop, skip and jump through this article to know how to do, arguably, three of the coolest dance moves.

How To Dance Hip Hop

Ready to get your groove on and prepared to do some ‘what’s up-kinda’ hip hop dance? Navigate through this write up and learn how to dance hip hop.

How To Robot Dance

Desiring to learn the crooked and flexuous moves of Michael Jackson? Surf through this write-up to learn some easy robot dance moves.

How To Belly Dance

Belly dancing in today’s world is clubbed with beauty, healthy eroticism, ethnicity, and prowess. Read this article and learn how to do it right.

History Of Tap Dance

Tap dance is a blend of various dance rhythms and movements. Explore this article to know some interesting & amazing information on the history, origin & background of tap dancing.

How To Pop And Lock

Learning pop and lock dance is pretty easy and can be started off with various types of pop and lock dance moves. Explore this article to know how to do popping and locking dance.

Ballet Costumes

A perfect costume can enhance any dance by miles. Read on to know few conventional ballet dance costumes worn by the ballerina dancers. Just grab the essentials and set out dancing!

Lambada Dance

It’s sexy, it’s well renowned. Read this article and learn a whole lot more about the popular Brazilian lambada dance.

Cumbia Dance Steps

It originates from the very north of South America and is truly sensual. Follow this article to learn the basic steps to dancing the famous Cumbia.

Rumba Dance Steps

When was the last time you’ve heard the popular pitbull song- “Rumba, si ella quiere su rumba, como?” Read this section and learn the easiest steps to dance the rumba.

Rave Dance Moves

Is everyone around you crazed about raves? If yes, navigate through this article to learn more about rave dance moves.

How To Tango Dance

A Latin American dance form, Tango is a mixture of tradition and modernity. Read on to learn how to dance the various forms of tango.

Breakdance Moves

Are you game for creating a spark and making yourself noticed in a dance party or club? Then, breakdancing is your pick. Explore to find some easy breakdance moves for beginners.

Bunny Hop Dance

Bunny Hop dance is a fun party dance. So, if you are ready to hop around on the dance floor like a bunny, read on to know how to perform it. Play the music and get hopping!

Party Dance Moves

If you thought dancing in a party is not your cup of tea, read on to know a few party dance moves. Just get hold of the steps listed in this article and become a party freak.

Disco Dance Moves

Ever since its emergence, disco dance moves continue to be performed in clubs and parties. With this article, learn more about the moves and styles of disco dance.

Cha Cha Slide Dance

Usually performed at weddings and proms, the Cha Cha Slide is one of the most popular line dances. Check out this article to know the different steps of Cha Cha Slide dance.

How To Breakdance

Do all those flashy and exciting moves on television and films provoke you to learn breakdancing? Want to perform these moves yourself? Check this article to find instructions on how to breakdance.

Ballet Positions

One of the most graceful dances known to the dance world, you need to learn some basic positions before performing ballet. Browse on to know the five basic positions of ballet.

Samba Dance

Happy, flirtatious and exuberant is what describes Samba dance the best. Read on to know how to dance samba and step on to the dance floor.

How To Freak Dance

Planning to do some ‘chiggy wiggy’ with your partner, then freak dance is definitely your pick. Explore this article to find tips on how to do freak dancing.

Jazz Dance Moves

Are you game to get jazzy? Then, learning how to Jazz dance would be on your mind. Read on to know more about Jazz dance moves & steps and become a master of this dance form.

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