Cool dance moves are all about innovation, execution and presentation. Hop, skip and jump through this article to know how to do, arguably, three of the coolest dance moves.

Cool Dance Moves

Have you ever seen at least one of the world’s best dance movies? If you have answered yes to this question, then chances are that you may have been impressed with a few of the dance moves that would have stood out in these movies. While watching the actors execute their dance moves with impeccable perfection may be a breeze, trying to execute it yourself can be quite a challenge. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to execute or perform a cool dance move all by yourself. Go right ahead and read on to familiarize yourself with, arguably, three of the coolest dance moves. Nevertheless, don’t stop at just reading; make sure you practice them until you arrive at the spotless plateau of perfection. The successful implementation of these dance moves can ensure you are the, or at least at the center of attention at almost any party you decide to dance at!

How To Do Cool Dance Moves 

The Hand Glide
Like the name makes it obvious, the hand glide is a dance move that will literally see you gliding on your hands. Under this dance movement, you have to start off by getting your knees on the ground and also placing your hands on the ground. By doing this, you should look like you are about to crawl. Proceed to keep your elbow on your hip and slightly hunch your back. You will also have to balance your body weight with your right hand while pushing away with your left hand. In this position, you can begin to spin until you look like you are gliding all over the place. To achieve perfection with the hand glide, you can try executing it on a smooth surface.

The Top Rock
With the successful execution of the top rock, you can easily be the top dog of any party you decide to dance at. The top-rock dance move is an easy to learn dance move and mostly makes for a warm up move. However, it still looks pretty cool when pulled off well. You can begin by hopping forward on your right foot and then sending your left foot back, you will then have to swing your left foot halfway forward and swing your right foot backwards. With this done, swing your left foot before the right foot while pushing backwards with your arms. You can then proceed to swing forward with your left foot while also making it a point to draw back with your right foot. You can finish off this dance move by returning your left foot to the start ,while pushing your arms all the way forward.

The Electric Slide
You can start putting the intricacies of this move together by doing a grapevine. Proceed to take three steps to the right and place your left foot next to the right foot and clap as soon as you finish doing this. Similarly, pull off a grapevine to the left and place your right foot next to the left and clap. Now, move back with your right foot and tap your left foot near the right heel. You will have to do all of this while clapping simultaneously. Finish off this step by placing your left foot forward and slightly turn to the left and end the whole movement with a hop. This may take time to master, but with a minimum amount of effort you are bound to get better!

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