English Language can be aptly called as the universal language of the world. This section contains articles that will enrich your information about English language grammar and its other nuances.

How To Improve English Grammar

The world has become a small place to live in. Speaking a common language helps us interact with more people and learn new things. Read on to learn how to improve English grammar.

Characteristics Of Modernism

Modernism in literature was a new style of writing that originated in the 19th century, as a challenge to the traditional trends. Read this article to know more about the characteristics of modernism.

Examples Of Sentence Fragments

Sentence fragments are incomplete parts of a sentence which do not convey a complete thought. Read further to know more about sentence fragments and their examples.

Examples Of Complex Sentences

Complex sentence is a sentence which has one independent clause joined by more than one dependent clause. Read further to know more about a complex sentence and its examples.

Types Of Person In Grammar

Puzzled with the use of types of person in grammar? Check out information in the following article.

Examples Of Compound Nouns

When two more nouns are joined together to form a single noun, it is a compound noun. Read on to know more about compound nouns and its list of examples.

Examples Of Compound Sentences

Compound sentences are those which include two independent clauses joined by a coordinating conjunction or a semi colon. Read further to know more about compound sentences and relevant examples.

Examples Of Simple Sentences

A simple sentence includes a single clause, with a subject and a predicate. Read on for information and examples of simple sentences.

Examples Of Mixed Metaphors

Mixed metaphors are combinations of incompatible metaphors which make the sentence appear funny and absurd. Read on to know more about the mixed metaphors and its examples.

Descriptive Adjectives Examples

You must have studied adjectives in your school days. But do you know what descriptive adjectives are and their role in English language? Here are a few examples of descriptive adjectives.

Double Negative Examples

Wondering what can double negative mean in a language? Glance through some of the double negative examples to get a better understanding.

Semicolon Usage

A semicolon is used to connect two complete sentences that are closely related to each other. Browse through this article to discover the rules for using a semicolon in English language.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay

A rhetorical analysis essay is a kind of English essay that comprehends how an author writes rather than what he writes. With this article, learn how to write a rhetorical analysis essay.

Jargon Examples

Don’t beat yourself up if you’re not able to get the hang of the jargons that are messing with your head. You’ll eventually master them. Here are some jargon examples to give you a kick start!

Semicolon Vs. Colon

Do you consistently find yourself scratching your head whenever you’re confronted with semicolon & colon? Read this article and know how to use semicolon & colon to form perfect grammatical sentences.

Comma Splice Example

Comma splice is a common error made by most writers. This article deals with what a comma splice is, how to identify and fix it.

What Is Symbolism

Symbolism is a very indispensable tool in literature and art. Let’s learn a little more about it as we read this article.

Antecedent Examples

Replacing subjects and objects with antecedents can turn English language simpler and easy to understand. Go through this article for some examples of antecedents.

Allusion Examples

Allusions make a writer’s task simpler as he/she makes a popular reference from a prior written work to paint a quick mental picture in the mind. Scroll down to confront a few examples of allusions.

Funny Metaphors

The use of metaphors enlivens any communication, be it verbal or written. Read below for a few funny metaphors.

How To End An Essay

Writing an essay involves lot of expressions. It’s a good exercise to enhance writing skills. But often people get confused as to how to end an essay. Check out tips on ending an essay.

Examples Of Idioms

Idioms are common ways of expression and their meaning cannot be inferred from the words that make them up. Read on to learn some examples of idioms and their connotations.

Assonance Examples

Assonance is one of the literary devices employed to enhance the rhythmic resonance of a verse. Go down this mind-blowing compilation of assonance examples and learn more about the same.

Euphemism Examples

Somebody described euphemisms are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne. That statement reeks of euphemism! Get a firm grasp over the art of euphemism as you scan this article.

Ideas For Learning English

Do you wish to learn the English language like a specialist? If yes, then here are some ideas for learning the English language. Explore this article to learn more about them.

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