Wondering what can double negative mean in a language? Glance through some of the double negative examples to get a better understanding.

Double Negative Examples

‘I can't get no sleep’, ‘I cannot believe nothing here’, does it sound confusing, or poetic or do you remember the lyrics of some rap song after reading these sentences? These sentences are examples of an expressive format used known as ‘Double Negatives’. The words are quite self explanatory. Double negatives are a condition when a sentence contains two negative words, like for example in the first sentence the words ‘can’t and no’. The term double negative is a big grammar mistake committed by people and is an unfortunate use of a language. Double negatives are confusing phrases that can be used to make something negative sound positive or to reemphasize on the negative aspect of a connotation. It can lead to a great deal of confusion, but if read through or heard carefully, the purpose of the negative term comes alive revealing the true meaning of the sentence or the phrase. Double negative, though leads to a wrong usage of language, is used deliberately, in order to convey something negative. It is like serving the staleness of reality in a decorative plate which is the myth the people hold. Mentioned below are some of the examples of double negative that will help you understand better the meaning of double negative.

Examples Of Double Negative 

  • She can't make no friends with nobody. 
  • I did not barely understand what you were saying. 
  • I never saw nothing. 
  • That attitude won't get you nowhere. 
  • I'm not going to no party. 
  • I think the new financial initiative will not last barely a month. 
  • The researcher decided not to run the test again because the results from previous tests were hardly reliable. 
  • Since his last speech gained little acceptance, the writer has not had no request to visit the forum again. 
  • The explorers finally discovered that the place where they landed did not have none of the minerals they wanted. 
  • I don't want no sympathy from you. 
  • He can't hardly wait for his present to arrive. 
  • Kevin shouldn't have nothing to do with his colleague. 
  • The pilot could not find nowhere to land. 
  • I haven't had no luck with finding a job. 
  • Above its critical temperature a substance can neither be solid nor liquid. 
  • Nobody has been able to isolate a free quark. 
  • Despite extensive research, there is no known cure for the common cold. 
  • Nowhere is free from the effects of gravity. 
  • A staffed spacecraft has never travelled to Mars. 
  • None of the isotopes of Actinium is stable. 
  • No one has been able to solve Fermat’s last problem. 
  • There is nothing in the scientific world that is free from the possibility of challenge. 
  • If you don't got no experience, you can't be trusted with this job. 
  • After being replaced, the pipes did not run no water as expected. 
  • She just merely recalled how poor they used to be. 
  • The new accountant hasn't worked here except three months. 
  • The blanket didn't barely protect their shivering bodies. 
  • Her daughters seldom ever visit her at the hospital. 
  • Arizona had scarcely no rain last summer. 
  • The storm rose so quickly that the road crews could not do nothing about clearing the highways. 
  • There is hardly no worse challenge than the one concerning national defence. 
  • I’m not gonna do no homework today. 
  • I barely got no sleep last night. 
  • It was so hot, I couldn’t hardly breathe. 
  • She was so disappointed because she couldn't go neither. 
  • My father had to sell our car because he didn't scarcely have enough money anymore. 
  • I have so much to do that I haven't ever got time to rest. 
  • You aren't but a minority. 
  • I don’t need none. 
  • She did not arrive not late. 
  • I could not hardly contain my excitement when I saw her for the first time. 
  • Unfortunately, I couldn’t quite not remember where I’d parked. 
  • She won't never come. 
  • We didn't do this neither. 
  • We don't need no education. 
  • We don't need no thought control. 
  • I can't hardly wait. 
  • I did not have neither her address nor her phone number. 
  • It wasn't uninteresting. 
  • She is not unattractive. 
These examples on double negative will provide you with a good understanding of the meaning, usage and purpose of usage of double negative. Read through the examples carefully to get a clear picture.

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