Analogy is the comparison between two things, to bring out a point of similarity. Read the article to find some examples of analogy sentences, to understand it better.

Analogy Examples

Sigmund Freud gave a profound perspective on analogy by saying "Analogies prove nothing that is true, but they can make one feel more at home.” In simple terms, analogy is used to highlight a point of similarity by comparing two things that are similar to each other in some sense. Dwelling on the potential of analogy, Freud said that an analogy won't settle an argument, but a good one may surely help to clarify the issues. Analogies can be used to add clarity and detail to your writing. This article comes up with some easy examples of analogy, which will help you to understand it in a better way. Follow the article to find some analogy sentences.
Analogy Sentence Examples 
  • Glove is to hand as paint is to wall
  • Citizens are to president as solar system is to galaxy
  • Horses are to past societies as computers are to future societies
  • Glove is to hand as monitor is to computer
  • Surfs are to a king as earth is to the sun
  • Furs were to north American aboriginals as credit is to a shopper
  • Go is to green as red is to stop
  • Wheel is to bike as Tire is to car
  • Apple is to tree as flower is to plant.
  • Toe is to foot as finger is to hand.
  • Day is to minute as month is to hour
  • Seed is to tree as egg is to bird
  • Plane is to Hanger as car is to garage
  • Author is to story as poet is to poetry
  • Creek is to river as hill is to mountain
  • Stem is to flower as trunk is to tree.
  • Rose is to vase as water is to pitcher
  • Pen is to author as brush is to artist
  • Cat is to mouse as spider is to fly
  • Fish is to gills as human is to lungs
  • Snake is to reptile as lion is to mammal
  • Jog is to run as hop is to jump
  • Happy is to sad as hot is to cold
  • Heat is to furnace as cool is to air conditioner
  • Lion is to cage as book is to bookcase
  • Knife is to cut as pen is to write
  • Pencil is to write as crayon is to color
  • Music is to listen as TV is to watch
  • Purple is to grapes as red is to cherries
  • Small is to petite as large is to giant
  • Panel is to door as pane is to window.
  • Baby is to adult as puppy is to dog
  • Kitchen is to cooking as bedroom is to sleeping
  • Word is to sentence as page is to book
  • Three is to triangle as four is to square
  • Cow is to barn as elephant is to zoo
  • Pig is to pork as cow is to beef.

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