Looking out for uses for the leftover Christmas wrapping paper? Explore this article to find out the crafts that can be made using leftover Christmas wrapping paper.

Uses For Leftover Christmas Wrapping Paper

Often, while wrapping gifts and opening presents on Christmas, we are loaded with a mound of crumpled and torn wrapping paper. The first thing that we do is throw away all the used and unused paper, without even giving it a second thought. However, with a little effort, you can easily use the leftover wrapping paper and convert it into different creative crafts. All it requires is a bit of imagination to make your leftover Christmas wrapping paper a great source of fun, a budget saver or even a memory maker for years to come. For instance, rather than plastic wrapping sheet, Christmas wrapping paper serves as a better option for storing paper and proves to be economical as well. Read on further to find some simple and interesting crafts that can be made from leftover Christmas gift wrap paper.
Uses For Leftover Christmas Wrapping Paper
  • Use the leftover wrapping paper to wrap delicate items, such as providing cushioning between ornaments. This will help you get festively wrapped ornaments for your next Christmas.
  • In case the wrapping paper has patterns only on one side, it can be used for wrapping boxes for dioramas or school projects.
  • If the wrapping paper demonstrates a particular scene, cut it out and preserve it for the next Christmas.
  • While wrapping gift baskets, shred the wrapping paper and paste it on the basket. Use gold, silver or green wrapping paper for decorating Easter gift baskets.
  • Separate the prettiest wrapping paper and use it as a background material for scrap booking.
  • Re-use larger leftover wrapping papers to wrap smaller gifts. If required, place the paper on an ironing board and spray some water on it. Cover the paper with a thin cloth and iron it on a low setting, to remove any wrinkles.
Leftover Christmas Wrapping Paper Crafts
  • Cut out small strips from the wrapping paper and form loopy bows by attaching the paper on a small square of cardboard, with invisible tape.
  • Cut triangles from the paper, 6 inches long and 5/8 inch wide, at the widest point. Using a smear of white glue on the thin tip, wrap the paper around toothpicks and stick it down. Slide off the bead from the toothpick and let it dry. Thread on an elastic cord, to form a bracelet or necklace.
  • Take circles of cardboard or juice can lids and apply several coats of white glue thinned with water or laminate with self-adhesive clear plastic. Glue wrapping paper to the cardboard pieces, to form festive coasters.
  • Take a shoebox and cover it with wrapping paper to make a decorative storage box. Use this box for storing Christmas ornaments.
  • Get your kids working and make paper rings from the remaining wrapping paper to form garlands that can be used to decorate Christmas tree. Go ahead and save the garlands for the next Christmas.
  • You can also preserve scenes on the wrapping paper for preparing next year’s Christmas cards. Paste the scene on a plain card and decorate it using your creativity.

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