Though it is often considered the easiest thing to gift, there are many creative ways to gift money to someone. Here are some ideas for gifting money creatively.

Giving Money As Gift

They are a common sight during weddings and other social functions – envelopes made of handmade paper with a round slot on them for the one-rupee coin to fit into them, signifying good luck and warding off evil spirits. Money is a classic gift item that anyone could count on and is often easy for both the person who is gifting and the person who receives it. The former is saved from having to choose and the latter from the disappointment of being gifted something he or she doesn’t like. Since money can take on any form and can also be saved for a rainy day, it is the most preferred gift for special occasions. However, instead of just gifting money, one could find innovative ways of giving money as gifts, as per the person’s need, which may actually make their lives easier. Here are some innovative ideas for gifting money.
Ideas For Gifting Money
Here are some ideas for gifting money to people. They are not only creative, but also quite utilitarian and also speak of forethought.
Retail Coupons 
Malls and huge shopping marts are offering a variety of discount coupons worth anything between a hundred rupees to a maximum of a thousand rupees. You can catch hold of a few such coupons and gift them to someone for the occasion. They are often looked up to when it comes to marriage for the new couple may have to set up their home and may not have enough money to spend on clothes and other “small luxuries”. If they can get hold of a few such coupons, it would really make their purchases easy. Another group that could greatly benefit from it is teenagers and youngsters, who love to preen themselves, at the cost of their parents! If they could get hold of a few such coupons, not only would they be happy, their parents would also be relieved. It could be in the form of free coupons for high-end retail stores or coupons for spas and beauty salons for various beauty treatments that may otherwise prove to be rather costly.
They say, “The mind never forgets what the stomach enjoys”, so another great idea for gifting money could be in the form of meal coupons. Most food courts at malls and some good restaurants offer food discount coupons, which you could make use of. If the person you are gifting is celebrating his or her birthday, then he/she would most likely be asked by his/her friends to treat them at a good restaurant; if you pay for that meal or gift him/her free coupons of a certain high end restaurant, it could help him/her save some money too.
Future Perfect 
Parents could find it an easy way to teach the child the value of saving money by opening a savings account for their child and asking him/her to take care of it. They could also invest in education policies or such for the future of the child. If your child is already a responsible one, whose room is always tidy and who doesn’t ask for too much on his or her birthday, he or she would always appreciate. Those children, who do not know the value of money, may actually learn from this exercise – so it may be a win-win situation for parents! Also, opening a joint account or buying an insurance policy as gift for one’s wife could prove to be beneficial, since the insurance policy that her father took for the family will no longer cover her after marriage.
Many reputed oil and natural gas companies offer petrol pay cards, gift cards and club membership cards that also offer attractive discounts on petrol and diesel prices every time a card owner goes for a refuel. If the person to whom you are planning to give the gift, often spends a large amount on vehicle fuel, a fuel card could prove to be an ideal gift, which would help him/her save money too.

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