You are all set to attend the baby shower party of your dear friend, but have little clue on what to gift. Check out for some unique gift basket ideas for newborns and have a good time gifting.

Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Buying gifts is never easy and when it comes to picking gifts for new born, the choice is all the more difficult. With the market shelves loaded with plenty of cute baby gift options, we are often tempted to grab more than one thing for the little ones. To avoid the confusion, it is best to give a gift basket which is loaded with different types of little gifts, on a single theme. So, next time you go shopping for gifts for the toddlers, pick up as many things that catch your fancy (and your theme), put them in a fancy basket and deck it up with cute ribbons, stuffed toys, and lovely baby cards and see your gift win all the wows. A little bit of personal touch and creativity is all that it takes to turn a gift into a wonderful surprise. A gift basket is easy to pull up, looks good and makes for amazing gifts. All you have to do is choose your favorite baby gifts and gift them in an innovative way. Read more to check out some unique ideas on baby gift baskets.
Unique Gift Basket Ideas For Newborns
Cake With A Difference!
Motherhood is indeed a time to be cherished and celebrated. Surprise an expectant mom or a new mom with diaper cake for her baby. Just roll and stack together disposable or cloth diapers into a three tiered cake and top it up with bibs, pacifiers, baby socks, baby lotions, soaps etc. You can affix folded diapers to a bottle of lotion or baby powder to make the tiers. To make your diaper cake all the more exciting and cute, tie it up with ribbons and a teddy bear or a soft toy on the top. Just gift this innovative yet useful gift to a mom and see her gleaming with joy.
Delightful Bathing Accessories
Bathing the babies is one of the sweetest joys of motherhood. So, why not add to the joy by gifting moms a basket full of baby bathing accessories. You can pick up a basket of your choice, probably a tub-shaped one and load it with baby shampoos, washcloths, soaps, hooded towel, baby oil, petroleum jelly, diaper rash ointments, and so on. Do not forget to put in floating bath toys. Every time the new mom would give bath to her little one, she would be reminded of you!
Assorted Basket
Every thought you put into buying gift for a baby will in return help the mums. Just flock the baby stores and grab everything that catches your fancy like feeding bottles, rattlers, baby spoons, one piece outfits of different colors, sleepers, cloth diapers, booties, socks, receiving blankets, bibs, soft toys, teething rings and so on. Plunk them all in the basket, cover up with a bright colored net and tie it up with laces. Voila! Your baby gift basket is good to gift.
Goodie Bag
Motherhood is one of the most cherished moments of one’s life. So, if you are planning to gift your friend something special to add up to her thrill of motherhood, try considering gifts like memory books, baby mugs, picture frame, baby diaper bags and top it with a lovely greeting card.
Sleeping Beauty
Another adorable gift for babies would be gifting them a basket packed with cuddly pillows, soft blankets, decorative mosquito nets, baby bolsters and sweaters. Since toddlers love to be lapped up in warm comfort, gifting a basket packed with warm clothing would be a sure hit. Arrange them neatly on your basket and deck it up with few non-toxic toys and gift.

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