Birthday cakes are integral part of birthday celebrations. Check out information on birthday cake designs and decorating ideas.
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40th Birthday Cakes

Ordering 40th birthday cake can be tricky task because they depict so much more than age! Read on for ideas on how to plan your dear one’s 40th birthday with a cake that best suits the occasion.

Homemade Birthday Cakes

Are you looking for ideas to celebrate the birthday of your loved one with a delectable homemade cake? If yes, here are two birthday cake recipes for you to consider.

60th Birthday Cakes

Choosing the perfect idea for a 60th birthday cake is a lot of fun. All you need is a little patience and a good imagination. Allow the ideas in the given article to stimulate your creative cells.

Creative Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes don’t need to be just about cream, sugar and flour; there really can be so much more to a cake. Browse through this article for creative ideas on birthday cakes.

Birthday Cake Ideas For Adults

Contrary to popular belief, birthday cakes are not restricted to kids. Familiarize yourself with the depths of this article for exciting birthday cake ideas for adults.

How To Make A Perfect Birthday Cake

It is pure fun to make a unique and perfect birthday cake at home. Explore the article to know how to make a perfect birthday cake.

1st Birthday Cake Ideas

If you are looking for some bright ideas for first birthday cake, check out the article. We have listed great tips for the decoration and design of 1st birthday cake, here.

Birthday Cake Designs And Decorating Ideas

Decorating birthday cakes with colorful designs and edible items can be a fun activity. Explore the article and get some bright design and decoration ideas for birthday party cakes.

Children's Birthday Cake Ideas

A good cake is the best way to spruce up your kids birthday party. To know some nice ideas for children's birthday cakes, read on.

History Of Birthday Cake

The history and origin of birthday cake is as special as the cake itself. Given below is some interesting information on the background of birthday cake.

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