Choosing the perfect idea for a 60th birthday cake is a lot of fun. All you need is a little patience and a good imagination. Allow the ideas in the given article to stimulate your creative cells.

60th Birthday Cakes

So someone’s ten years older than half a century! It is a big deal to have survived in this world for that long and is indisputably a strong motive to celebrate. Balloons and barrels of whisky, don’t miss out on a single thing! Not everybody makes it to 60, and no birthday party is complete without a delicious creamy cake. Right from your first birthday, you will have noticed from old photos that the cake always portrays your age. Something symbolic of your age always makes the cake more memorable. When you cut the cake, you officially enter a new year, a whole new chapter of your life. The cake doesn’t necessarily have to stress on your age, but can alternatively reflect the milestones you have achieved within the sixty years of your fabulous life! Be spontaneous and innovative as you design the cake that often plays the pivotal role in such auspicious occasions. Follow the article and snatch a few good ideas for 60th birthday cakes.

60th Birthday Cake Ideas

Cake Of Nostalgia
Date back to the days the 60 year old was born, or the peak days of his or her youth. If the era of ‘The Beatles’ is what floated his or her boat, then you could simply make the cake the stage while you plop chocolate figurines of John Lennon and the other band members as well as the instruments. The birthday boy or girl would be ecstatic. So find out what the concerned feels most nostalgic about and surprise them with the best! It could be a song, a sporting event, anything! This might take a lot of time and cost quite a bit, but if you love the person a lot- Go for it!

Just For Gag Cakes
If the friend has a good sense of humour, you could casually mock his or her age by baking a frosty white cake that represents ageing hair or it could the shape of a round bald scalp with a few greying hairs. This might look ugly on the outside but you could make it heavenly delicious inside. It could be the shape of a fancy walking stick or even dentures. Be creative! Another popular concept is the “over the hill” idea! Bake a cake that looks like a hill and you could drop tiny toy tombstones and the morbid things that subtly imply – “Hey, you’re not too far from tripping into your grave”. All in good spirit of course, you do not want to turn the party into a sob fest. So be careful with what you pick for gags.

Number "60"
As clichéd as it may be, some people love to stick to the conventionalities! Go online or check the birthday recipe books and you will come across multiple ways of signifying 60 years on a birthday cake. You could buy a simple chocolate cake with 60 multicoloured candles over it, if you are pressed for time. Contrarily, you could bake a variety of sixty different cupcakes and place them in the shape of a perfect “60”. The party people can choose from so many different flavours, it will be a feast! A large cake with frosting in shape of 60 would do too.

Three In OneYou could bake three separate cakes in three different sizes and stack them over the other. Dedicate each cake to twenty years of his or her life. Each could symbolize a special phase in their lives. One could denote youth, the other parenthood or work and so on. Add a tinge of the birthday boy or girl’s favourite hobby. A football fan would love a football shaped cake. You should use white fondant icing and place small colored icing fruits around it.

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