Birthday cakes don’t need to be just about cream, sugar and flour; there really can be so much more to a cake. Browse through this article for creative ideas on birthday cakes.

Creative Birthday Cakes

Figuring out what cake to get for a person celebrating his/her birthday can always be a tricky affair. However, it need not be this way and that is mostly because of two reasons. Firstly, as far as birthday cakes go, you really are spoilt for choice. Secondly, once you know the likes and dislikes of the person celebrating his/her birthday, zeroing in on a birthday cake should be a breeze. You can also get extremely creative with birthday cakes and need not essentially tread the beaten path. Go ahead and read on to gain access to creative ideas on birthday cakes. These ideas are almost universal and can be put to effective use to celebrate both the party of a kid and an adult. However, in most cases you will have to use your prudence to judge between which idea can apply best to a kid’s party and which idea can apply best to an adult’s party!

Creative Birthday Cake Ideas 

Animal Cakes
Animal cakes are the best for young boys and girls. This however doesn’t mean that they cannot be baked for adults. Popular animal cakes include cakes that resemble smiling hippos, joyous elephants, gleeful tigers, friendly lions, etc. However, animal cakes need not be limited only to the animals that inhabit the land. Animal cakes can also extend to include both the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky.

Cartoon Cakes
In the world today, it would be almost impossible to find a child who detests cartoons. Maybe this helps explain why cartoon cakes are as popular as they are. For best results with a cartoon cake, make it a point to get a cake that resembles a cartoon that is loved by the person whose birthday you’re celebrating. It wouldn’t make for good sense to just get a random cartoon cake and expect the child or even an adult to like it. Zeroing in on a cartoon cake for kids shouldn’t be a problem for you; the choices are really as infinite as space. For adults however, cakes that draw inspiration from the Simpsons, Calvin and Hobbes, Asterix, etc should do just fine.

Number Cakes
Number cakes are those cakes that are put together to represent the age of the person whose birthday you are celebrating. Number cakes are all the rage amongst kids and children breaking into the last few years of teenage life. Number cakes can also be bought for adults who are proud of completing a certain number of years on the surface of the earth. When getting a number cake for an adult you will have to ensure that the adult is happy about the fact that he/she has hit a certain amount of years on this beautiful planet.

Hobby/Passion Cakes
Ever noticed that your friend or kid is passionate about a certain thing, activity or game? If yes, one of the best ways of being creative with this knowledge is to get him/her a cake that helps throw light on the person’s likes and interests. For example, if your friend is really passionate about the guitar and the way it sounds when played by a master, you can get him a cake that resembles a guitar or even a plectrum. If your friend or kid is passionate about a game, say football, you can get him/her a cake that resembles a football field or even a football stadium.

Tasty Treats
This one works best with adults who just happen to love the finer things in life and also love to experiment with food. This idea can also be applied to cakes for kids. When experimenting with tastes, you are simply free to go overboard. Champagne cakes, cakes with exotic fruits, cakes with merged flavors, cakes with contrasting flavors, anything goes. However, if the cake is for a kid or if there are going to be kids at the party, you simply have got to make it a point to steer clear of alcohol cakes.

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