As potluck parties have become all a rage this party season, you have all the reason to keep a few potluck ideas up your sleeves. Read below for a few quick potluck ideas.

Potluck Ideas

If the path to the heart runs through the stomach, then potluck is the best way in which one can endear himself/herself to others. In simple terms, potluck is the gathering of a group for the sole purpose of enjoying the pleasures of the tongue. Every member brings with him/her a particular dish, and the group shares these delicacies amongst themselves. Result - you have a wonderful party, some finger-licking dishes and an amazing time without going through the hassles of preparing an assortment of dishes. Due to its efficiency, potluck parties have become all the rage. Whether it is a picnic or a simple get-together, many people prefer potluck to add that personal touch to the party. Because potluck involves fun and active participation, it has become a part of corporate culture as well. Every office nowadays goes for potluck parties so that the employees can bond together. When every worker brings a dish of their choice, there occurs a multitude of interactions which always breeds ground for positive energy and optimism. Sampling food, exchanging recipes, showering compliments are all a part of the game, when the highlight of the event is food that too prepared by the guests themselves. So, if you are looking to enthrall others with some lip-smacking goodies, but don’t want to go for an elaborate banquet, then go through the article given below for some quick potluck ideas.
Easy Potluck Ideas
  • A successful potluck party depends upon efficient organizing. Let all your guests decide who is going to bring what so that you don’t have too much of one dish and too little of another. If any confusion arises on who should bring which dish, then its better if you assign each guests on what to bring.
  • Group the guests in a variety of categories. Now, assign each category with a separate food theme. Like you can select one category of guests to bring any non-vegetarian food, while the next category to bring vegetarian, the next salad, dessert and so on. The guests in their particular categories can bring different dishes of the same theme. This will ensure variety and the guests can have their pick from a huge assortment.
  • Keep a microwave and coolers handy. You can warm the food and keep the drinks chilled. Also, make sure that you keep all the utensils and servers ready so that everyone gets to enjoying the food rather than running about searching for plates and bowls.
  • Keep some food and drinks in reserve. As a host, it will be a bad sign if the food gets over and the guests are left unsatisfied.
Food Ideas For Potluck Party
Devilled Eggs
Hard boil the eggs and then peel the shell. Using a sharp knife, slice the eggs lengthwise into half and then take out the yolk, without breaking the egg white. Put the yolks in a bowl and add mayonnaise, and salt and pepper as per taste. Mash the yolk and mix them well. Now, fill a piping tube with the yolk mixture and fill the egg white halves. Arrange the eggs on a platter and garnish with lettuce leaves.
Using your favorite ingredients, make several types of sandwich fillings. The quickest and the easiest sandwich filling that you can make is to boil some eggs and then chop them into small pieces. Mix the eggs with mayonnaise and season with black pepper. Spread the fillings into sandwich bread and cut then into triangles. Another quick filling for this is to chop cooked chicken and mix them with either mayonnaise or salad dressing. Spread the filling on a slice of bread. Place another slice over it and serve with ketchup.
Take a can of salmon and the drain the liquid. Put the salmon in a bowl and then add cream cheese, any herb like parsley or cilantro, and a dash of lime juice. Sprinkle salt and pepper. Set it to chill and serve with crackers.
Potato Salad
Boil the potatoes and then peel them. Cut the potatoes into small cubes. Hard boil a few eggs and then chop them. Add the eggs to the cubed potatoes. To the potatoes then add salt, Dijon mustard and salad dressing. Also, add some chopped cilantro. Toss them together. Serve along with crackers.
Tuna Salad
Drain a can of tuna into a bowl and add a few finely chopped tomatoes. Put in some mayonnaise and season with salt and pepper. You can also add cilantro or dill. Toss thoroughly and then serve with crackers.
Shrimp Kebabs
In a bowl, put lemon juice, olive oil, chopped dill, salt and pepper. Crush garlic and add them to the bowl. Put the skewers in hot water and soak them for 20 minutes. Put the shrimp in the mixture to thoroughly coat. Thread a shrimp into the skewer and then thread a slice of tomato. Do so until all the shrimps and tomatoes are threaded. Grill the shrimps until done.

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