Cheer up your sick friend with a lovely get well soon basket! Read this article to avail of a few brilliant ideas.

Get Well Gift Baskets

Being hospital bound can be incredibly lacklustre albeit necessary if we do intend on living a healthier life in the future. Moreover, the hospital environment adds to a patient’s gloom. As a loving friend or family friend, it is our obligation to do whatever it takes to bring them back to their feet. Some slack work to give them company and sit opposite their bedpost, while some who can only donate an hour of their time but wouldn’t hesitate to shower them with gifts. Gifts will do their job at cheering up an ill patient. However, we shouldn’t take the easy route and buy the first thing we see at the gift shop shelf. Ponder over it and think what matches their deepest interests. A gift sets a certain mood and can even erase physical or mental pain endured by the concerned patient. These presents should be bought with the intention of passing the patient’s extended spare hours on the hospital bed. Rather than sending mute pretty flowers or pointless “get well soon” cards, the concept of get well gift baskets has been rapidly gaining momentum. Pamper your unwell buddy with a selection of fun goodies and he will appreciate the gesture for the rest of his life. Here are some great ideas for get well gift baskets.

Get Well Gift Basket Ideas

Basket Of Sweets
If he or she isn’t diabetic or if his cholesterol isn’t too high, you could load a pretty and spacious basket with an assortment of his or her favourite chocolates. If the patient so happens to love and crave chocolate, but is advised to lay off them, you could hunt around the trustworthy sugar-free or diabetic friendly chocolates which taste just as good! However, if the patient is suffering from a fracture and has a billion sweet teeth, don’t think twice as you stock up on each and every type of chocolate, snickers or mars or some exotic Swiss delight! Some strange characters dislike chocolates but love yoghurts and the like. You could substitute the chocolates with delicious and cold yoghurt. It’s healthier for sure!

A Speedy Recovery Basket
This decorative gift basket is nothing more than a heart-warming collection of gourmet treats. A common misconception is that if something is healthy, it doesn’t taste good. If your dear friend swears by this absurd notion, prove him wrong! Start with healing lemon ginseng green tea which has amazing health properties. Toss in a fun soup mug in which the nurse or care-giver could cook chicken soup that lacks preservatives. Pretzels, foccacia crisp crackers and gourmet biscotti make for great munchies. Depending on the cause of the patient’s illness, decide accordingly what would be the most appropriate gourmet delights. You certainly cannot anticipate a speedy recovery from a heart attack patient if you’ve stuffed the basket with ‘Kentucky fried chicken’ or ‘chocolate doughnuts’!

A Kill Time With Fun Basket
Your friend or family member is tired of lying in bed whole day. However, he or she has no choice. You could make his or her life a whole lot easier by bequeathing a basket loaded with time-killing items. Hoping that the hospital has a DVD or VCD player, the latest comedies or the patient’s favourite classic films would be a fantastic idea. A few music CDs by his or her favourite artists is guaranteed to cheer them up. This basket should also contain niche magazines and light hearted books. Gadget or sport magazines will suit most men, while fashion and glamour would suit the women. To be safe, pick a music or lifestyle oriented magazines!

Feel Better Soon Basket
Give this delightful gift of appreciation to those that need it the most! Milk chocolate nutty pleasures, imported lindt chocolate truffles and gourmet fudge will most certainly comfort a bed-bound patient who isn’t suffering from diabetic related ailments. Lots of exotic fruits would be a great idea, not to mention nourishing!  Balms to soothe headaches and lozenges might be thoughtful too!

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