Wondering what to use as a cake topper for your baby shower? Read on and learn about few baby shower cake toppers.

Baby Shower Cake Toppers

A baby shower is an occasion to celebrate the advent of a newborn into the family. Treats, delicious dishes, fancy costumes, frills and decorations all contribute in making this day a memorable one for both the new mom and the child. The party theme and the cake is one of the major highlights of a baby shower. There are different themes that are followed based on which the outfit and the decorations and even the cake is designed. A cake with a good theme can add fun to the party and can also become a topic for everyone’s conversation and admiration. Put on your thinking cap and add an innovative touch to the cake so that it is admired and loved by the kids present at the party. One way in which you can do so is by adding a cake topper. It is important to decide on a perfect topper for the cake to give an appealing look to it and to make it more tempting. Mentioned below are some popular baby shower cake topper ideas for you to choose from and decorate your cake.

Baby Shower Cake Topper Ideas

Baby Blocks
Baby blocks are one of the famous cake toppers choices to be made. You can either make these blocks out of cake and fondant or use the actual block toys to place on top of the cake. Be a little creative and use the blocks to spell out the baby’s name or simply arrange ‘A B C’ or ‘1 2 3’ blocks over the cake.

You can also make use of some of small baby toys and convert them into toppers for your cake. You can place toys like rubber ducks, dolls and cars over the cake to make it a complete baby cake.

Footprint Cake Toppers
You can make use of footprint shaped toppers if the theme of your baby shower is footprint. Make small footprint cake moulds which you can place over the bigger base. 

Baby Shoes
Baby shoes can prove to be good baby shower cake toppers. You can make small cakes in shape of baby shoes and place them on top of the big cake with other toppers like frosting shoelaces and ribbons.

Baby Bears And Butterflies
These toppers will fit in for a baby shower occasion of both a baby boy and a baby girl. Make a square or a rectangular cake and colour it based on the theme and then place a cute teddy bear or a butterfly at the centre of the cake.

Baby Booties, Bottles And Buggies
One other baby shower cake topper idea is to decorate the cake with small baby items such as buggies, bottles and small strollers and prams and all other things used by babies. 

Pregnant Lady
If the theme of the baby shower celebration is a pregnant lady, you can place a matching topper on the cake. You can use your artistic creativity and mould a figure looking like the pregnant stomach of an expectant mom. This topper theme will make the mom feel special when everything around is just for the baby.

Cartoon Characters
Why not make a topper based on the cartoon characters which your child will dream of and enjoy once he/she grows up. You can use baby’s nursery theme as inspiration and place your favourite cartoon characters on top of the cake.

Baby Clothing
You can also make toppers resembling various babies clothing. You can make frosting laces, ribbons and buttons and decorate it over the big cake you made for the occasion. Baby bibs, socks, jumpers and other clothes can be depicted over the cake.

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