Arranging baby shower table centerpiece decorations can be a lot of fun. Browse through the article to get some bright ideas for baby shower centerpieces.

Ideas For Baby Shower Centerpieces

Baby shower party is a much awaited occasion for the expectant parents, in which they receive gifts for their soon-to-be-born child. If you are given the task of organizing a baby shower party, you should decorate the venue in such a way that it reminds the parents-to-be that they are expecting the arrival of their 'little guest' - their baby. When it comes to decorating a party venue, beautiful centerpieces become an inevitable part. Explore bright ideas for baby shower centerpieces given below and pick one for your party.
Baby Shower Table Centerpiece Decorations 
  • You can make beautiful floating centerpiece, by putting some glass pebbles in a crystal glass bowl. Fill two-thirds of the bowl with water. Add glass pebbles, rubber ducks, miniature plastic cartoon toys and the like, to the bowl.
  • Take two crystal vases and connect them by wrapping a satin ribbon around their neck. Hang baby socks around the satin ribbon, by using small pastel colored clothespins. Fill the vases with white daisies and pastel colored carnations. You may make the centerpiece from a single vase as well.
  • Baby shower is incomplete without presenting diaper cakes to the would-be parents. Apart from bestowing upon as gifts, you can use the diaper cakes as baby shower centerpieces as well.
  • Fill a baby bottle with candies. Wrap colored cellophane sheet around the bottle. To give a finishing touch, tie a satin ribbon around it. This will make an attractive table centerpiece for a baby shower party.
  • Decorate the tables in the party venue with centerpieces made out of small yellow rubber ducks. Attach red satin ribbons to the neck of the ducks. You can make use of a set of rubber duck, including the mama duck and the duckling, as well.
  • Small wooden blocks can make unique centerpieces for baby shower. Combine the wooden blocks to spell out words like baby boy, baby girl or the name of the guest of honor.
  • Get a gift basket and place nappies in it. Now, roll up baby socks, bibs, scratch mitts and vests in such a way that they look like roses. This will form an attractive centerpiece, which look quite unique.
  • Gift baskets can also act as beautiful centerpieces for the occasion. Line a wicker basket with a blanket. Fill all kinds of baby items, including baby soap, powder, socks, a pair of rolled diapers and a feeding bottle, in it.
  • Floral centerpieces are perfect for the ceremony. Fill a basket with flowers, (such as carnations, iris, white lily and snapdragons) and multi-colored latex balloons. This will make an impressive display and catch the immediate attention of the guests.

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