Confused on what to choose as unique baby shower gift? Read more to know about unique baby shower gifts.

Unique Baby Shower Gifts

A baby shower is the perfect time for family and friends to share the joy and excitement of welcoming a new addition to the family tree. Baby shower party is the special occasion for expectant mother, where she is visited and blessed by her friends and relatives. From yummy food, cakes to refreshing drinks all form an important part of baby shower party. But like any other occasion, baby shower is just incomplete without gifts being showered on mother-to-be. Searching a baby shower gift is quick and easy, as today, market is flooded with a variety of gifts. You can pick anything from diapers to baby furniture. Other popular options are baby clothes, baby care books, chocolate bars, baby baskets etc. But if you wish to gift something unique then you just need to be creative. A unique baby shower gift will be the one, which is useful for both mother and the baby. So, pick up some interesting baby shower gifts, match it with a theme and your unique baby shower gift is ready. If you are still confused on what to choose as unique baby shower gift, then here are some ideas to help you:
Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas 
  • Baby bath time goodies can be your pick for baby shower. For this gift, it’s a good idea to use a baby tub than a basket to hold bath time goodies for a little one. Don’t go for traditional filler instead line the baby tub with soft towels. Add baby soap, body wash, shampoo, baby oil and baby powder to your baby tub. Diaper cream and wipes can also be a great addition. You can also include appropriate bath toys, which don’t present a choking hazard.
  • Basket with a feeding theme can be another unique gift for a baby shower. Just pick a small basket, fill it with baby bottles, sipping cups, pacifiers, rubber coated spoons and plastic dishes. You can also include a cute bib to complete your feeding-basket.
  • You can pick Moses basket as your unique baby shower gift. This basket is just of the appropriate size for baby to lie in. Line the interior of the basket with soft bedding to make it comfortable for baby. When picking a Moses basket, you can choose from regular basket to hooded one. You can also purchase a rocking stand along with the basket so that the basket can also be converted into a cradle.
  • A diaper cake, available in a variety of sizes from cupcake to multi-tiered cake can be a unique baby shower gift. Mostly, the structure of a diaper cake consists of rolled diapers, baby toys, piggy banks, feeding sets etc. The larger the cake, more the variety! 
  • You can choose to gift a basket, filled with grooming items which will make baby look more cute. Soft-bristle hairbrush, nail clippers and baby combs are just a perfect addition to the basket. For a baby girl, you can add colorful bows, ribbons, and headbands. For a baby boy, add a bow tie or a baby baseball cap.
  • Sometimes, despite best effort baby falls sick. It might be a common cold or fever. Help new parents to prepare for such situations by gifting them healthy baby basket. This basket can include a thermometer and medications which are safe to use for babies like gas drops for stomach.
  • When a baby comes, most parents lose on their sleep as little babies sleep on their own sweet convenience no matter what time of the day or night it is. You can gift new parents CD of baby music. These sweet melodies will surely lull the little one to sleep at naptime.

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