If you have been looking for ideas to provide healthy lunch in your child’s tiffin, browsing this article would be of help. Check out ideas to give your kids a healthy lunch box.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

Whether you are packing lunch for school or work, packing healthy nutritious lunch every day, without compromising on taste, variety and nutrition, may be quite a chore. Binging on same food every day is sure to bore the taste buds and may make you opt for junk foods and wafers. While adults still understand the value of a nutritious diet, it's children whom you need to be careful with, at the time of packing their lunch box. Often children fuss over their lunch box and packing them something interesting every day, especially if you are running late for work, may seem challenging. In case your kid is tired of carrying the same leafy lunch every day, it’s time you get more innovative with his/her lunch box. The secret to an appetizing school lunch is to give kids food that are creative enough to get their attention, but not so unusual as to put them off. If you have been looking for tastier options for your lunch box, considering this tasty lunch box ideas may help. Here are some healthy options for kids lunchbox. Check them out and enjoy binging.
Healthy Lunch box Ideas For Kids
  • Eating same lunch every day can be really boring. While packing sandwich for your kid’s tiffin, try using whole wheat, multi-grain, omega 3, or flax bread, instead of the same white bread. You can use bagels, dinner rolls, or fajita wraps too for a more fun meal. Children need nutrition. Remember to choose whole grains for a rich source of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants.
  • One of the most popular healthy lunch box ideas has been to make a batch of healthy cakes and freeze them for packed lunches. A mini fruit cake, a scone, or a slice of carrot cake all go down well and are much healthier than manufactured cakes.
  • Processed food is unhealthy for your kids. Try creating more healthy stuff for your little one with leftover meat. Take up the leftover chicken and try making chicken salad sandwich. Other interesting option would be cook up a steak or a grilled sandwich.
  • One of the best ways to get your kid eat his tiffin is to allow him to make it. Just shred the veggies, meat, and arrange the sauce and let your kids arrange their sandwich or roll.
  • If your child hates to have fruits, try dishing it up with scoops of ice-cream, low-fat yogurt or sour cream. You can use hummus or tzatziki as a more healthy option for dips. You can pack processed fruit in the lunch box as a healthy dessert option. Canned fruit cups in water and dried fruit are not as fresh, but they are still healthy and nutritious.
  • If your child is always in a hurry and you need to make him a quick snack, you can try healthy trail mix of nuts, crunchy whole grain cereals and dried fruits such as raisins, apricots and prunes.
  • Milk and water is required to keep your kid stay hydrated and high on energy. Getting a tetra pack of soy milk or a juice pack can help your child stay hydrated. Avoid sugary drink or aerated drink.
  • You can pack fresh fruits like kiwi, cubed melon and blueberries, a handful of strawberries or raspberries, a passion fruit, pomegranate and orange. Cut the fruits into innovative shapes and make a fruit salad. The exciting shapes and alluring colors is sure to tempt the kid to lick the tiffin completely.
  • For another tasty healthy eating option, try vegetable salad made of corn cob, bean salad, a vegetable-based dip or pate,and cold roast vegetables such as peppers, courgettes and squash.

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