Breakfast For kids should be nutrient-rich and supremely healthy, due to their growing age. Explore the article to find some healthy breakfast tips and ideas for children.

Breakfast Ideas For Kids

There is no denying the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a wholesome and nutritious breakfast is mandatory for everyone. A healthy breakfast assumes even more significance for growing children, as they need a nutrient-rich diet to keep up with their growth process. Due to a hectic morning routine, you might be finding it a little difficult to whip up a healthy breakfast for your kids every morning. Don’t worry, as help is at hand. This article brings you some easy to make and healthy breakfast ideas for children. Read on to know your kids’ best breakfast options.
Healthy Breakfast Tips For Children 
  • Top low-fat vanilla or fruit-flavored yoghurt with unsweetened, whole grain cereal and a piece of fresh fruit, such as an apple or banana. Your child is going to love it!
  • A unsweetened whole grain breakfast bar, a fresh fruit and toned or low-fat milk is just the ideal breakfast for your kid.
  • Take unsweetened, whole wheat frozen toaster waffles and top them with low-fat vanilla or fruit-flavored yoghurt and unsweetened applesauce, jam, or natural peanut butter. It can be eaten like a toast. You can also use any other whole grain, instead of whole wheat.
  • Take half cup oatmeal and top it with raisins. Serve with half a cup of milk and one slice of whole-wheat toast, topped with fruit jam.
  • Serve brown rice cakes, with peanut butter or reduced-fat cream cheese on top. Slices of fresh fruits, such as strawberries or banana, can also be used for the topping, along with butter.
  • Smoothies can also be a healthy breakfast for your children. Prepare fruit and yoghurt smoothie by blending low-fat vanilla or fruit-flavored yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit (unsweetened). You can also add a small amount of low-fat milk or fruit juice, depending on the flavor and consistency of the smoothie.
  • Prepare raisin toast and top it with 1 tsp of margarine. Sprinkle cinnamon over it. Serve the toast with half a cup of milk.
  • Top half toasted whole-wheat bagel with finely shredded cheese. Serve it with a hardboiled egg and half a cup of orange juice.
  • Top half a cup cottage cheese with 1 tsp of toasted wheat germ. Serve it with half a cup vegetable juice and a small amount of sliced grapes. 
Weekend Breakfast Ideas 
  • Weekends mean more time for preparing breakfast for your kids. You can make grain pancakes or waffles at home. On special occasions, food color can be added to the same. Else, you can add fruits in a rather innovative fashion, to top the pancakes. Make a fruit face over the pancake by using two banana slices for eyes, striped strawberry for nose and an apple slice for the mouth.
  • Another option is to prepare homemade French toast sticks. For that, take whole grain bread and cut it into strips, for making sticks. This can be done before or after cooking, whichever way you like. Use low fat or toned milk and egg substitute for a healthy batter. Give the kids a small bowl of “dip” for each of their sticks.

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