Is your toddler too choosy when it comes to breakfast? Read on for some healthy breakfast ideas for toddlers. Try these recipes and surprise your toddler with an exciting breakfast every morning.

Breakfast Recipes For Toddlers

Good nutrition is indispensable for young children. It is the responsibility of a mother to provide balanced meals to her toddlers, as they are at a developing stage, where the right amount of nutrition is very necessary for proper growth. Since toddlers are very choosy with what they eat, it is important to make delicious and exciting meals for them, so that they get encouraged to eat. Amongst all the meals, it is the most challenging to prepare innovative and tasty breakfast for toddlers, which is nutritious at the same time. This article comes up with some healthy and tasty breakfast recipes for toddlers. Try these interesting ideas and serve a wholesome breakfast to your toddler.
Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Toddlers
Almost every toddler loves pancakes. You can easily escape the tantrums of your toddlers by serving pancakes in the breakfast. To increase their nutritional value, add milk and eggs to the batter. You can also add bananas, blueberries, nuts, granola or apples. Mixing sugar syrup or honey into the batter would make the pancakes easy to eat.
Another way to make exciting pancakes is to use cookie cutters to cut them into different shapes. Adding food coloring to pancakes will also make them look appealing. You can even cut them into strips, which can be dipped into a small bowl of syrup, like finger food. Try making three small circles with the batter and make them look like your toddler’s favorite Disney character.
French Toast
French toast is another preferred breakfast for the toddlers. Use whole grains, bread, eggs, and milk to make it a healthy breakfast option. You can also put cinnamon and vanilla in the batter for a different taste. Uncooked bread, with granola, can be splintered, before flipping it over in the pan, to make it look interesting. Add sugar, honey, or syrup to the batter, to sweeten the French toast and avoid the inconvenience of adding it after the toast is on the plate. Leftovers can easily be frozen and later warmed up in the toaster.
Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled eggs can be made extremely palatable for the toddler by adding a variety of things to them. You can add cheese, diced ham, bologna, green peppers, broccoli florets, tomatoes, cubed potatoes, frozen hash browns, spinach, or mushrooms to make an already nutritious breakfast option, doubly nutritious. Putting the eggs between two pieces of toast, to make an egg sandwich, will also be a good breakfast idea for your toddler.
If your toddler is fond of cereals, try to make the breakfast healthy for him/her. Try to go for cereals other than sugary sweet one and couple them nutritious items like fruits. You can use different fruits in the cereals, so that your toddler gets different varieties in the taste. Strawberries, bananas, raisins, and blueberries serve as the perfect yummy additions to many cereal choices.
There are many good recipe ideas available for toddlers who are finicky eaters. Try adding a powdered breakfast substitute to his milk. For those who love Pizza in the breakfast, a variety of vegetables can be added, other than cheese, as a part of the toppings. You can also try making a nutritional smoothie with milk, yogurt, and fresh or frozen fruit and serve it in the breakfast.      

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