Making Easter bonnet hats is one of the best pastimes for people of all ages, during the spring season. With the tips given in the article, find out how to make Easter bonnet.

How To Make Easter Bonnet

Easter is one of the important Christian festivals, celebrated all across the world with great fanfare by people following Christianity. The festival not just commemorates the Resurrection of Lord Jesus Christ (three days after crucifixion), but also gives people a chance to spend quality time with their loved ones. It is the time to have a lot of fun, at the same time, offer prayers to the Almighty. As the festival coincides with the advent of spring season in the Northern Hemisphere, fresh flowers form an integral part of the festivities.
During Easter, the blooming spring flowers fill the entire atmosphere with their enticing fragrance. They are used to make bouquets (as gift items) and bonnets. Talking about Easter bonnet, it is not merely a broad rimmed sun-hat decorated with flowers, but also an expression of the roundness of the sun, which brings back the spring season every year, during which the festival falls. Easter bonnets are generally made with flowers and ribbon. With the instructions given below, learn how to make Easter bonnets.
Making Easter Bonnet Hats
Things Required 
  • Straw Hat
  • Flowers (Silk or Real)
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Floral Wire / Needle and Thread
  • Stuffed Chick
  • Stuffed Rabbit 
  • For making an Easter bonnet, you need to purchase a medium sized straw sun-hat.
  • Take a red or pink colored silk ribbon. Measure one-inch width and then using scissors, cut the ribbon to the aforementioned width. Now, secure the ribbon to the hat, just above its brim, until their ends meet. Make use of a hot glue gun, to attach the ribbon to the hat's rim.
  • Dab drops of hot glue on the underside of the flowers. Before the glue dries, attach the flowers to the ribbon, which has been secured to the hat's rim.
  • Attach small sized stuffed chick or rabbit toys to the bonnet, by making use of a floral wire. You can also sew the stuffed toys to the hat, if you are good at sewing.
  • Surround the toys with some more flowers, to make it even more attractive. This time, you may make use of silk flowers. Secure the flowers around the toys, by using hot glue gun.
  • To give your Easter bonnet a finishing touch, attach a multi-looped bow to the front portion of the hat. You may make use of glue for the purpose.
  • Hide the floral wires, by covering them with silk flowers or ribbon. Again, attach the flower by using hot glue gun.
  • Get ready to flaunt your handmade Easter bonnet! 
  • If you are presenting the Easter bonnet to a kid, then attach ribbon to both sides of the hat, using glue. The child may now tie the hat under his/her chin, to secure it in place.
  • Make sure that you haven't overcrowded the bonnet with flowers and stuffed toys. Concentrate on the center of the hat and then decorate its surroundings.
  • If you are making Easter bonnet for the first time, make use of small sized spring flowers, which can be easily attached to the hat.

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