Champagne is the most sought-after wine for every occasion, but the trick is to know how to choose it. Read this article for some useful tips to select good champagne.

How To Choose Champagne

Champagne, also known as sparkling wine, is the obvious choice for special occasions like weddings, New Year’s Party and other celebrations. The choice of champagne naturally depends upon the taste of a person. At the same time, he/she must know how to select the right champagne according to the event and the preferences of the guests. In fact, the tastes of guests have to be surely kept in mind while choosing champagne. This becomes much easier, if the person buying the drink is aware of the various brands of champagnes available in the market and their respective tastes. Want to know more about selecting good champagne? Read further and explore some useful tips on how to choose champagne.
Tips To Select Good Champagne
Go For The Real Ones
The real champagnes are the ones that come from the Champagne region in France. French are considered to be experts in producing quality wines, including champagne. In fact, in most of the countries, the name ‘champagne’ is strictly reserved for sparkling wines which hail from the said region in France. However, there are a few countries in which champagne is synonymous with any sparkling wine, even the ones that are produced indigenously. So, make sure to go for the real champagne for special events and know why French wines are the best.
Know The Different flavors
If you already know different types of champagnes, it will help you a great deal in choosing the right one. It is good to have a basic idea about the grapes used to produce champagne as well as the wine itself. Champagnes come in different flavors like dry or sweet, creamy or yeasty, crisp or dry, full bubbles or delicate bubbles. If you have tasted all of them, it will be easy for you to determine which one is the most suitable for the occasion.
Decide About Level Of Sweetness
The type of champagne you choose will also depend upon the level of sweetness that you want it to have. The different levels of sweetness in champagnes include brut (very dry), extra brut (extra dry, but sweeter than brut), sec (medium sweet), demi-sec (sweet, considered a dessert wine) and doux (very sweet, considered a dessert wine).
Check With The Experts
If you do not know much about the various tastes of champagne, try to check with the experts. Consult people who are very familiar with wines and take their opinion. Someone who has tasted all the wines will be the right person to seek advice from. Since a large variety is available in champagnes, unless you really know how each of them tastes, you will need expert opinion.
Determine Your Budget
Gone are the days when champagnes were so expensive that it was exceptionally difficult to afford them for mega events. Now, champagnes are available at reasonable rates as well. Determine your budget before you set out to choose champagne. For an event where hundreds are expected, you can go for cheaper wines, while the special guests can be treated with expensive and quality champagnes.
Consider The Basics
It is important to consider the basics of champagne, including the price, label and taste, while choosing a particular brand and deciding to buy the same. Good champagnes make for a gala event. So, don’t let your party get spoiled because of anything.

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