Can’t think of the perfect dessert to serve with the champagne? Browse through the article to explore few of the classic champagne dessert pairing, which you can try on.

Champagne Dessert Pairing

If you’re still stuck with the age-old rule of pairing a glass of white wine with fish or red wine with heavier meats, you are grossly mistaken. Color coding does not work always. What actually matters is what tastes good to you with what you’re eating. This is the golden rule which you should blindly follow while selecting the right snack, food or dessert to pair your drink with. When it comes to dessert, think light for optimal champagne pairings. Be it strawberries, fruit desserts, shortbread or almond cookies, there’s one basic principle that works for any form of dessert that you select. Your champagne should be slightly sweeter than the dessert. Champagne is a classic dessert partner and while choosing it stay away from the brut styles, unless the dessert is not at all sweet. An extra-dry style is usually a better dessert option. It is not an easy task to hit on the right champagne-dessert pairing at once. Experimentation is said to be the key. Be it the chocolate covered pretzels or vanilla cupcakes, pop tarts or skittles, you have to taste them with few sips of champagne to see how the flavors mingle. After all, champagne is not all about cheese, chocolate and strawberry. To narrow down your search, we hereby suggest few champagne-dessert pairings which you can indulge yourself in.
Champagne Dessert Combinations
Tarts and Crumbles
Fruit dishes which are light and fresh, pair well with champagne. For instance, apple tarts which is a combination of a shortbread crust, cheesecake-like filling, cinnamon sugared slices of apple and shaved almonds blends quite well with a glass of champagne. A luscious plate of crunchy pear crumbles also serves the purpose.
Fruit Puddings
Perfect for a holiday mood, a plum or rice pudding with champagne is another combination which can get you hooked. These rich, succulent puddings are a traditional pairing with champagne to round off a meal; and for sure is a delight for any sweet tooth.
Shortbread & Almond cookies
Try combining crisp hazelnut shortbreads and freshly baked almond cookies with a glass of champagne. This sinful indulgence will keep you craving for more. This category of light and delicate dessert is a classic combination to make your day. Even almond cakes are a plausible option you can lay your hands on.
Looking for the perfect drink and dessert combo for a love drenched evening with your sweetheart? Go for the proven and forever right strawberry and champagne pairing. Ideal for romantic sprees, this seemingly simple recipe can create ripples of delight in your life.
Chocolate Covered Pretzels
This combination strikes well with the saltiness of the pretzels standing up to the acidity and strong taste of the champagne, and the chocolate thereby giving a nice, mellow aftertaste.
Vanilla Cupcakes (with vanilla frosting and sprinkles)
Champagne plus vanilla cupcakes coupled with vanilla frosting and sprinkles are a delight for every soul. Though you might doubt this combination to be sweet overload, the sugar sprinkles and bubbles would blend into a happy concoction.
Dark Chocolate Truffles
The not too-sweet dark chocolate truffle is an excellent balance to the sharp, bubbly champagne. However, the dark chocolate and red wine pairing still rules the charts.

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