Decorating champagne bottles is pretty easy and doesn’t ask for much of your time. Explore the article for some simple tips on how to decorate a champagne bottle in the most beautiful way.

How To Decorate Champagne Bottles

If you are gifting some one a champagne bottle, you can give a dash of style and personality to the champagne by adding some beautiful decorations to the bottle. A champagne bottle, which is not supposed to grace a wedding or wedding shower celebration, should be decorated differently than going for the usual top hat or veil decorations. Decoration for a champagne bottle is pretty easy and you really don’t need some phenomenal artistic skills to make a champagne bottle look beautiful. The article brings you some useful tips on how to decorate champagne bottles in the most trouble free way.
Tips For Decorating A Champagne Bottle
  • Scissors
  • Silk Flowers (select colors appropriate to the theme of the party or occasion)
  • Silk Ribbon (go for colors appropriate to the theme)
  • Sparkly Crystal Beads
  • Keychain charms (matching the theme)
  • Cut the ribbon into several long pieces. They are to be tied around the neck of the champagne bottle. The length should be enough (at least 1 foot) to leave along tail behind even as they are tied to the bottle. The ends of the ribbon could be either notched or slanted. If you are using ribbons of more than one color, at the least, cut one length of each color. You will need two lengths at a minimum.
  • Tie the ribbon so as to make a bow around the neck of your champagne bottle. All the pieces of the ribbon are to be used together to create a fuller and fluffier blow. Tie the bow tightly with a double knot, once you achieve the desired ear size of the bow. This will help to hold everything in place.
  • Push the silk flowers behind the ribbon and make them stick out from the behind of the bow. You can keep the flowers pointing the top or bottom depending on your preference. Usually, they are on the top. If the stems of your flowers are long and discernible below the bow, you can cut the stems to a length that only one inch of the stem is visible.
  • The next step is to tie on the keychain charm. You can leave the keychain on the bottle if you like. If you chose not to leave the keychain, then just work the charm off the key chain. Knot the charm nicely underneath the ribbon bow with the two tails of the bow. After this is done, the bow tails will hang down on either side of the charm.
  • On the end of each of the ribbon tails, thread one or more beads. After the beads have been put on the ribbon, tie a knot at the bottom to hold the beads in place. These beads will add sparkle on your champagne bottle and hold the tails of the ribbon downwards.
  • Your champagne bottle is ready to be passed on to the recipient!

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